Monday, August 1, 2011


HGC, a cosplay event held by Help Institution (IT department) with their main sponsor It was held on 29th and 30th July at Cineleisure. Their main focus is on games while cosplay is just a side activity. There was photography competition as well. Participate the cosplay competition last minute, actually. Milia Rage was supposed to debut in Cosfest but I'd left the costume at home =.=" very smart move, I know. Anyway, once again I've worked with Fahimi Sparda who joined as Chipp Zanduff. 

Milia is my third favorite character so far. It was a mess because for skits, I obviously can't make my hair do what Milia does. Hence, we came up with some lame joke on cheap shampoo. Sigh...the audio was close to inaudible. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable event. Saturday was a bit screwed up but no problem, sailed through Sunday. Get to shoot Aaron Tan and Annie as well, found the Touhou group, met a new girl, catch up with a few photogs, talk crap...XD those things I enjoyed the most during events :) congratulation to all other winners :)

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