Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Is It

I watched 'This Is It' yesterday night. It was...difficult to accept that a legend has died. I'm sure many out there think this is rubbish but he is a legend, not Will smith. He is the beginning of an amazing entertainment, accomplished things that no entertainer now can ever achieved. I must admit I've forgotten about him for a while, forgot about my childhood idol. While the classy girls in my class worshiped Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, I loved his dance so much and wished I can dance too. Nobody dance the way he does because he moves the music.

In the clip, he looked frail and obviously sick but he never lose his lush. His love and knowledge for dance and music never fade one inch. It is hard to work with people who know what they want and MJackson knew what he wanted. He is a perfectionist when it comes to music. He wrote things that touched lives but totally ignored because we go for the hip and the hop nowdays, the hot and bootylicious.

Hmm...whatever I say makes no difference now because he is dead. People say good thing about dead people. They remember the good deeds and say nice stuff during burial ceremony. I guess I'm doing the same now. Something good is taken from the world just as Leslie Cheung did. Just one thing, nobody can replace him. Especially not Kenya West. MJ will lived through his music just as Elvis did to our older generation. Sigh...the new generation will not appreciate him like those who grew up humming his songs and trying to do the moonwalk thing. Miss him.

Paediatric Ward

One week is all it takes to kill me but I still have two more weeks with these living thing we call 'children'. That means by the end of two weeks, I'll be worse than dead. I dread vital signs soooo much. I just have to walk near them and they will start screaming. Putting the thermometer under their arms was like stabbing them continuously with a jagged edge dagger. Taking their blood pressure is as if I'm breaking their bones and crushing their flesh. So what do I do after vital signs as 9am? Nothing. You want me to go talk to them? Play with them? Please...I just want the ward to be quiet until the next vital signs.

What's the most upsetting event? Parent thinking I'm tormenting her precious 11th child. I'm like...gimme a break. I'm just doing what I'm supposed to do. I'm not going to be gentle and gugu gaga with your child when she's all violent and abusive. Medication has to be administered. Then? Tak payah give? Who's gonna give? Doctors? Right. You slowly wait la. Then ask why can't discharge home, why haven't recover, why this why that. Yee...over protective parents make me...what's the word? Loya. Yeah, that's the word. This is one heck of a ward I find tougher than psychiatric ward. Children...argh!!!

What is my consolation? The gay doctor is in my ward! Yay! I was thrilled to see his oily hair after a year until I realize he is gay no more. Hmm...people changed huh? He is more funny when he's gay. names here. Another interesting thing is to watch a lady administering asthma puff to her baby with a chamber. The 6 month old child lying oblivious on the soft bed. The lady jab the chamber abruptly onto her tiny face, sent her frail body sinking into the bed. Her tiny hands were all over the place. Lol...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Beyonce vs Taylor

Comparing this two person is like comparing:
1. Britney Spears to Jewel
2. Justin Timberlake to Nick Carter
3. Ning Baizura to Kris Dayanti
4. Tyra Banks to Ophrah
5. DBSK to 5566/F4

There will be various opinions about each of the pairs but one thing is, you simply cannot compare them as they have total different set of parameters.
Beyonce is:
1. Hot, sexy and daring.
2. Experienced.
3. Singer, dancer and actres.
4. A Pop Queen with R&B background.

Taylor is:
1. Country, sweet and decent.
2. Guitarist.
3. Fairy tale princess.
3. Country song singer.

Now, come to the best music video award. Both sucks. Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' is impressive with the cheeky dance moves but for the whole 3 mins song? That's a bit boring. Taylor? Darling Taylor has nothing new to show. If you guys remember the once Pop Queen Anvril, she had the same concept in 'Girlfriend'. So, that's plain boring. The cheerleading part is also very fake. I guess she won the heart of America with her preety white face, gentle curls that fall on her cherry cheeks and sharp chin. All I can remember from her is beautiful dresses that I'd love to have but first, I'll need a room of closet for them.

I don't have anything against them. Neither of them is my favourite. I liked Beyonce for her 'If I were A Boy' and I had Taylor's 'Love Story' for ringtone over the past few months. It's the award system which messed up the category. Both have their strength in different way.

Next, we discuss about Kenya West and his deed. Lots of people already condemned him for the 'deadly' sin he committed unto darling Taylor but that's that. It's done and Beyonce covered it well. Beyonce's attire is weird, by the way. I just wonder how Jay-Z felt when the hero went up stage to back-up his wife. Hmm...anyway. I thought what he did was not appropriate since he is nominated the new King of Pop as Michael Jackson never ditch another entertainer in his life. He could have voice out his opinion gently over the media after the show or something. Nonetheless, after reading all the dirty words thrown at him from Taylor's fan boys (young little boys who go gugu gaga over her physical), I think that's even. XP

Monday, October 19, 2009


The more I read, the more I found out things which hurt. No matter how much I tried to cheer myself up, it just doesn't work. After all the efort I've put into this, I've got criticised in the end. Not good enough, they said. Too bitchy they complained. They want to be sexy, fun, all play and no hard work. What a mistake I've done. As much as they wished they had another captain, I wished I had another set of people who joined it purely for genuine interest. I was let me down like shit but still some stood higher to spat back at me. What luck I have since sem one. I should have let you all think about the routine, songs and outfit. Let you guys handle everything yourself. Yeah, then perhaps you all can do better and maybe beat the champion. After all, I'm not a cheerleader nor a gymnast or dancer. Who the hell is she? Just a nursing student but what does that make you? A preety face. This is a game for tough people, not like what you watch in movies.

Sometimes I wished I had my old team back. The team who knew me for years since secondary school and understood the need for perfection on stage. The team who knew how hard I push for the sake of the team. The team who knew I divide well between work and play. They all left, now all over the world. Once again, leaving me behind this cow dung place.

So, the hours spent on youtubing, music hunting, practices and money wasted on contacting people who never bother to reply, I'll just have to take it that I've been silly, down right idiot. Another thing which pissed me off was her lies. I was empathetic to her situation and tried to cheer her up until I found out her lies and scheme. It was pure disgusting. The worst part, it was a person who speak of God's love. Speechless.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Let's see what we've got from IMU Cup cheer 2009:
1. Bruises esp the flyers and bases.
2. One sore eye.
3. An extra uniform thanks to some mean joke.
4. Seven pairs of poms poms, flash cards, and several huge flags to congest Beh's house.
5. Four months of practice, headache and heart ache.
6. Several trip back from Seremban on weekdays and this last one from Perak.
7. Threats from Nursing Department when I request for leave on Friday.
8. Spenditure over RM500 including petrol, tol and gadgets.
9. Hoarseness of voice and sore throat for all the cheer.
10. A bruised and sore vetebra and sacrum.
11. Several trips back to Aunt Connie's to mend the uniforms.
12. Various misunderstnading and personal issues which affects the team in the end.

Let's see the Genesis of Taurus cheer:
1. One stupid girl too free, spent her last semester break to get a cheer team together.
2. Sven people came together - Fion, Beh, Wei Wen, Kwong Howe, Arthur, Jason and I.
3. One outfit issue misunderstnading over the phone, I lose Arthur. Esther didn't even join.
4. This girl spent sleepless night finding songs, designing outfit and choreographing routine.
5. Headache that after two months, only 11 people showed up although we need 15 to get in.
6. All M207 studs who knew me since sem 1 pulled out cuz they think I'll make a lousy captain.
7. After that, we began to force people to come in and make a number of twenty. Fine with me.
8. People come and go. Zach left but at least he was responsible enough to let me know his issue.
9. One flyer betrayed the whole team and left two weeks before the competition.
10. Thank God for Christine who is much more capable to replace her.
11. Loon Wei replaced Zach. They both learn fast.
12. Throughout four months, only four practices have full attendance for less than 6 hours.
13. In the end, a group of people with no cheer, gymnastic nor dance background came together.
14. Did we rock the stage? We earned equal compliments from the crowd but we could have done better, I guess. At least, I could.

When the results were out, millions of questions flood in. Could it been better if I don't lead? Could it been better if Esther take over? Imagine shit like Arthur, Zach, Ester and Wendy didn't leave the team. We will have a team of 24 - 4 cheerleaders, four flyers, and an extra base. As a conclusion, shit happens. The worst part is the less than 24hours notice that we need tumblings as the CHARM people wanna judge it. I felt that Taurus is constantly being bullied because of me. I'm no cheerleader, no great dancers nor a beauty queen. Just a nursing students who's constantly absent for postings. I can't be there to protect nor defend our rights. That's why I blamed myself despite all. Another worst thing is that despite all I've done, I can't earn the respect from some of my team mate. That's one shit too. Fail to incorporate dicipline in the team.

Nevertheless, put aside all the shit: I've got a handful of people who is committed and made the team much more cheerful. Grace has been very hardworking and made most of the props. Cady has been a responsible treasurer for the team and I have no worries about financial issues...erm...except maybe the input from the house. Fion and Jason lead well when I'm not around. I've got two other flyers who is ever willing to try out all shit xp - Kelly and Grace. I've got the most stable bases ever and hot too according to some reliable sources- Beh and Wei Wen. I've also got Kwong Howe and those mentioned who rarely skip any practice. It's always the same face which showed up. Lol...Ivana and her playful charm, Alex, Jones and Chiu Hong who managed the stunts. My tango parthner, Loon Wei who is sooooooooooooooo tall. Wai Peng who joined despite her crazy schedule. Tracy and Christine who danced well for the team.

Lastly but not least, I went home injured and wounded. Heartbroken and shattered but in the end, I still have Kin Man by my side. The fella who kena countless scolding from me. The guy who cared so much and take me from wherever I am for practices. The guy who had to sleep at... and pee at... . Love you all in different way. Hope you all have enjoyed the team and kep in touch with one another. This is the climb we went through and it's a period passed that cannot be repeated. Unless...Monday, 6pm sharp at 4th floor. Sharp attire!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


This comment came from a girl's eyes. She is no big fan of football but she does observe certain match especially the World Cup. She supports whoever against MU and enjoyed Korea's game. Looking forward for the coming World Cup but dunno which group to support yet - definitely not German, Brazil or England. Here goes:

When a team scored a goal, we say the team has good attackers including goalie. Goaler's picture always on the front page (or the back page as the matter of fact). However, when a team lose...there are a few theory (or people to blame).

a) If the ball is always on their court but for a short while before a goal, the defenders sucks.
b) If the ball rarely enters the court and yet they lose a goal, the keeper sucks.
c) If the ball is always at their court but for a long time, the goal keeper sucks.
d) If the team always get yellow card, there's a few more theory:
i) The winning team have good actors who fooled camera at times (The Nigerian team don't play such ;-)
ii) The yellow card team is over agressive, kiasu tak kiasi.
iii) The refree don't like your face.
iv) You got face problem.