Monday, May 10, 2010

The Climb

Well...after two months of miserable life in miserable environment, I've got to say: THE CLIMB WAS GOOD. When Ah Fuu asked me to go for the climb, I wasn't keen. Not because I'm a lazy bum bum (although I can be one) but because I'm home sick. Home sick, get it. Home sick. I just want to drive home instantly after friday shift. Sigh...then I change my mind. Ah Fuu told me it's a N107 thingy. Fine, so I went.

I woke up on Sat am wondering why the heck do I have to wake up so early on a SATURDAY. So bad mood. Then I realise I don't have my track bottom and a proper T-shirt to go with it. Dang, I saw Raechi, Sashi and Priyae all geared up. So, I pakai one mak cik pants and a white top. Luckily I have my sport shoes with me. Worst still, I didn't take anything at all for breakfast. I was so hungry when Sashi offered me a red bean bun, I ate it thinking that it was chocolate bun.

So we drove 45 mins to Bt Datuk. Looking up the mountain which I can't see the top just yet, it's just me and my red bean bun. Then we began to hike, hike, climb, climb, march, climb, walk, walk. It was like forever! Dr. James kept saying we were half way there but there was never a half way! Argh! So tension. We started off about 15 people then 1/3 way through, it's only Ah Fuu, Khad and I. Raechi caught up, yay! When we reached the top like 2.5 hours later, it was awesome. I think the ladders at the last part was way more gruesome compared to the rest of the journey. It was so high up that birds flew at our shoulder level.

Right, so after all the calory burnt, we end up eating junk up there. On the way down was faster was more headache than going up. I wanted to throw up half way down. It's like never ending but the dip in the cold river was a good reward! Hmm...I didn't suffer as much cramp as the others but I still couldn't walk straight on Sunday morning. Lol.

It was overall a refreshing trip. It reminded me of the good ol' days when I was still active in sports. Hmm...I wonder what happened. Oh well...I don't mind going again but maybe not so soon. gotta replenish my wasted muscles. Thanks for organizing, Ah Fuu and thanks for guiding the trip, Dr James. Lastly, way to go Raechi and Khad!