Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kimi wa Watashi no Sekai

Had an unexpected shoot for Hotaru Tomoe last week. Felt bad because I didn't put much effort into this. Wished I had done better. Gomen ne, Sailor Saturn. She is one of the few Sailors that I actually like in that girlish series =.=" the anime which filled my teenager life. Daydreaming in class to transform. I didn't know make-up as in bersolek before I know this Sailormoon 'Make-Up'. Lolz.

The emo emo girl who finds comfort in her friendship with Chibi Usagi.
This round, I pick the location nearby. No mosquito. Ambience is quite alright. I just like the place, nothing sixth sense about it.
Watashiwa...hitori de jya nai.

Somewhere out there...
Seeing through your eyes.
I will soar!
Once again, terima kasih Encik Anthony for shooting and editing those pics. I'm not good with editing so here's a little token of appreciation XD.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


*Kudos to Robert for the excellent act on the relapse signs and symptoms!*
The miracle of L-Dopa. Very touching, reminds people to appreciate little things in life.

This movie evolved around Dr. Sayer, an introvert neurologist who applied to be a researcher in Bainbridge Hospital. Due to lack of staff in the hospital, he was hired as a medical doctor instead. The hospital housed patients with chronic illness where the care focused on maintenance rather than cure. During an interaction with a newly admitted catatonic patient, Dr. Sayer stumbled upon her astonishing reflexes. He began observing other patients with the same condition, encephalitis lethargica. When they exert the presence of reflex and changes towards certain stimulus, he believed that the patients were somewhere alive inside but lost in a deep ‘sleep’. Upon further understanding of the illness, he began searching for a source that could bring them back. He conducted an experiment on a patient with a drug newly formulated back then, L-Dopa. Initially, the medicine works. The patient, Leonard Iowa was awakened. His work touched the life on many who then decided to fund his treatment on other patients. Hence, the miracle continued on with the awakening of other patients suffering from the same condition. Henceforth, the focus shifted to Leonard as he began to adapt to his surrounding and aged physical. Conflict arose when Leonard desired to be freed from the institution but the physicians wanted to continue observing the effect of the drug. Later, the effect of the medicine began to wear off. His signs and symptoms relapsed which slowly return him to his pre-treatment state. The devastation of losing a friend he grew to appreciate was portrayed by Dr Sayer when Leonard continued to deteriorate. Nevertheless, his brief stay had taught Dr. Sayer and those who witnessed the miracle on the importance of appreciating little things in life. In the end, what was thought to be a medical breakthrough was actually a humanity breakthrough.   

Hotel Rwanda

The movie unfolds the massacre in Rwanda after the president was murdered. The United Nations tried to promote peace in between the two tribes, Hutu and Tutsi. However, the attempt failed and the Hutus rose as rebels to martyr the Tutsis. Paul Rusesabagina, a Hutu assigned as the Hotel Des Milles Collines manager struggled to keep the hotel running and keep the Tutsi refugees safe. He is liberal man thus he refused to join his Hutu friends in their course of eliminating the Tutsis. He believed in peace and had faith in the United Nations to stop the chaos. Whilst many Tutsi fled to his hotel, he used his skills in bribery and flattery to gain favor from powerful people he came to know over the years to keep them alive. Nevertheless, reality took place when help came from the union only to save their own people, leaving the locals to their fate. Paul realized that they have to take things into their own hands to survive. He made calls to influential people he knew and encouraged the other to do the same in hope to be rescued. Hope returned only to be shattered again when their first batch of people in the list to be deported out, was attacked by the Hutus on the way to the airport. Paul and his family barely escaped when he was labeled a traitor and the Hutus raided the hotel. With the assistant of a few Union volunteers and a Canadian Colonel, they managed to move into a safe zone with great difficulty. In the refugee camp, Paul and his family united when they found his bother-in-law’s children.

Adam Patch

One of our moral study module is to write movie review. I was so afraid that we will be bombarded with some Kisah Benar and then have to recall all the nilai-nilai murni that I've photostated into my cerebrum in Form 5. Fortunately, we were given 3 movies based on real life story. I didn't fail to krai krai krai for all three movies. I've cried like a fountain for Awakening but my favourite is Hotel Rwanda. Adam Patch is fairly inspiring but how many doctors or medical students actually practice those beliefs in improving quality care. 90% think they are gods in white lab coat, everything else is beneath them. 

The movie featured the life of Adam Patch who self admitted into a psychiatric unit after an attempted suicide. Little did he know that his stay and encounters with the patients in the hospital, had given him a new purpose in his life. When he left the hospital, he became very passionate to be a doctor after experiencing the joy of helping people. Hence, he enrolled into a medical school to persuade his passion despite being older than other students.

Nevertheless, Adam was astonished by the way medicine was taught by his professor. He thought that medical students ought to have early exposure to patients to enhance learning. He did not agree that doctors have to be a curing robot by putting aside the human touch to focus in preventing patients’ death. He believed that doctors need to have empathy and interact with patients in promoting patients’ quality of life. He broke several rules by interacting with patients before semester three, promoting laughter with his charisma and sense of humour. The patients and their family appreciated Adam’s work in their life. However, this was deemed inappropriate and negatively affected the image of the medical profession by his professor. An attempt in dispelling him from the medical school was done but with the aid of another trusted professor and supported by his excellent grades, he managed to stay on.
Later, he became upset with the hospital protocols which were not patient-friendly. He desired a patient-friendly environment to look after the sick. He remained positive and managed to influence two of his friends with his passion to join him in setting a free medical shelter for the poor. Unfortunately, he lost one of his friend whom he had fallen in love with to a person he bluntly trusted. This incident took a twist in his life where he lost faith in people due to his guilt. He decided to leave his dream behind until he found his motivation again. Unfortunately, his professor found out his illegal practice of medicine and was determined to prevent Adam from graduating. With the assistance of his close friends, alias and supports from his patients, he brought forward his case to the panel of experts. He took the opportunity to express his concern on the present ideality of doctors and the gap between the doctors and patients. He encourages doctors to treat patients as human rather than an illness, a disease case and interact with other healthcare providers such as the nurses to improve quality of patients’ life and even death. He won his course and managed to graduate as a doctor. His passion for people and their needs continued till present.   

Thursday, January 6, 2011

CF2010 [Day 2]

Another expired post, I know. Since I have short term memory lost, here is all I can recall. Day 2 was equally packed if not more due to the competitions held on stage. There were plenty of interesting fans' performance but the crowd beneath the stage was just too...I could not stay long, needed some fresh air out there. So...since it was a month dedicated to Lili Vocaloid...voila! This has to be one of my favourite! Hugs, Lily.

I participated the solo cosplay, was told to wait 15 mins. By the time after 30 mins, my legs gave away. There was absolutely no chairs. Went to makan and they announce the finalist. *vomit blood*vomit HCl*vomit bile* Anyway, came back from lunch to distribute flyers about the Christmas Party only to find out that there was zero contact written on it. Worse, there was no date. *vomit summore blood*.

Anyway...really can't stand those shoes so I went back earlier. I'll just leave ZCDave's video here to cover the day :) I really *vacuum* in covering events.

CF2010 Summary
Courtesy of ZCDave :)