Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kimi wa Watashi no Sekai

Had an unexpected shoot for Hotaru Tomoe last week. Felt bad because I didn't put much effort into this. Wished I had done better. Gomen ne, Sailor Saturn. She is one of the few Sailors that I actually like in that girlish series =.=" the anime which filled my teenager life. Daydreaming in class to transform. I didn't know make-up as in bersolek before I know this Sailormoon 'Make-Up'. Lolz.

The emo emo girl who finds comfort in her friendship with Chibi Usagi.
This round, I pick the location nearby. No mosquito. Ambience is quite alright. I just like the place, nothing sixth sense about it.
Watashiwa...hitori de jya nai.

Somewhere out there...
Seeing through your eyes.
I will soar!
Once again, terima kasih Encik Anthony for shooting and editing those pics. I'm not good with editing so here's a little token of appreciation XD.


Anonymous said...

I... don't... -.-"


Nice work...


Shizuka no Musume said...

Huh? Don't apa?

Anonymous said...

I don't... even want to start raging at you.. (for the NomNom pic)