Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well, just a short one before I disappear again under piles after piles of exam notes. Got a few expired post I've yet to find time to write. here goes. Lily Vcaloid is my second favourite character so far. I put much effort into the details of her costume. Nevertheless, I failed in styling her fringe properly...orz. Most of my cosplay shoots were done in forest/jungle/river/garden/mosquito-feeding-area. This round, I wanted something solid for Lily Vocaloid. As a result, we headed to Putrajaya on Sunday morning.

Overall, it had been a fun experience and an outing with my friends. It was my first time working with Kenneth Tee. Many thanks to Marianne Chong for accompanying me as Gumi. Really loved her make-over. Last but not least, thanks Anthony for baby-sitting us! I'll be waiting for Ken and Ant's picture edits! Meanwhile, here are some of my own work ><

Peace out..