Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sewing Makua

I sew many things before but this...this I have to post up not because I'm proud or what but because it's the most tedious thing I had to sew so far. At first was alright: measure, select cloth, draw, cut, sew, cut, sew, cut, sew, cut sew...this continued for two full weeks. I made three of the same design. By the time I do the last one, I puked my stomach out edy. Beh tahan...the hardest part which took up most of the time is to sew the flower pattern around the collar and sleeves. Really...can...die...

One is for myself, another my aunt and one more for my mom. The other is orange in colour (tak sempat take picture). Makua is a type of chinese traditional clothing. the type in olden Hong Kong drama. It's for my cousin sister's wedding this Monday. Sigh...finally it's done. My holiday finally starts. Argh! I just don't want to see a single thread for the next whole week.

Hmm...come to think of it. I kind of like sewing. Since my cousin sis is back, I can take this chance to upgrade some skills too. After all...I didn't get to go any tailor school. Sigh...not really as good as I hope it will be. Still have lots of space for improvement. Daijoubu! I will jia you summore, just so glad it's done. I was kind of scared that I couldn't make it on time. Got irritable bowel syndrome a week earlier. Lol~

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NIPS Crazy Challenge (TV3)

In conjunction with TV3, NIPS (JACK n' Jill chocolate) organized Na cosplay event - NIPS Crazy Challenge. I heard that it was the first time M'sia media actually get into the world once belonged to cosplayers only. I'm not sure how true is that but it's nice to see that the media began to take notice of this interest.

About a month ago, I stumbled into this event on a facebook link. Itchy to make full use of the Time Witch Costume and Enma Ai school uniform, I sent two of these entry. A few days before the event, they called up for an audition. I went, 'huh? What you want me to do?"

"Be in character for a three mins skit."  

Nak pengsan aku. How to be Yuuko in three minute solo? I need a Watanuki to tease or somebody to grant wishes...I didn't know I can get helpers...dang. Anyway after killing myself for three days, I'd came up with a three min skit chatting with Mokona (my soft toys). Chatting with a soft toy! Can you believe it??

So...cut the story short again, my cousin sis accompanied me to Persiaran TV3 near 1U last Sunday. Reached at 9:45am cuz I kiasu and kiasi I'll be late for the suposed 10am event. Guess what? I was the first one to be auditioned...woo...langsung tak ready. Anyway, waited till 11:15am to begin. I went in for less than 5 mins and came out feeling like a can of spilled bean. Only today, I found out Yuuko Ichihara will be going for the final this coming 24th July. Three Remaja TV3 crew came today for a shot on the costume. Mom was...'amused'. loked so awkward. The crew from Remaja TV3. From the right, Saifudean, Deqwan and Kudin.
So there I was...trying to speak in Bahasa after returning all my 'tatabahasa' to Pn Siti Salmah (my high school BM teacher). It's just a one minute clip though. I've overcome my fear for camera (still picture) but definitely not for video camcorder. I sure hope I don't look too awful...=.=". It will be featured in TV3 next Sat at 12:50pm, just a short clip before the Remaja program. Finger crossed...pls dun look too stooopid, pls dun look too stooopid...continue chanting.

For those who missed it hehe (thanks kin man):

Monday, June 21, 2010

Meet the Family

We love cats. Really.We don't purchase expensive breed from pet store. Mom usually pick up weak stray kittens. She always say we will just take care of them till they get stronger but we grew attached to them so fast. Hence the number we have today XD.

Name: Snowy
Nickname: Pui Pui
Hobby: Sleep and Eat
Personality: Moody, positive to Cat Nips.
(Passed away early 2010)

Name: Blackie
Nickname: Tut Tut
Hobby: Sleeping, star gazing
Personality: Short sighted, kind and gentle (not applicable to strangers) and shy.

Name: Neko
Nickname: Niko Girl Girl
Hobby: Sleeping
Personality: Kecik hati. Quiet.

Name: Susu
Nickname: Chuchu
Hobby: Play with rattan ball
Personality: Shy and timid. Manja.
(Passed away early 2010)

Name: Ten Cents
Nickname: Mei mei
Hobby: Eat, eat and eat. Play with plastic cover.
Personality: She just love to eat la. She can smell food miles away.
Name: Mix
Nickname: Chou chou
Hobby: Hiding
Personality: I dunno man...but this one is like a dog more than a cat.
(Lost in late 2008)
Name: MauMee
Hobby: Sleeping
Personality: Kecik hati also. Cannot let other cats near her. She can grumble all day.
(She lodged herself at our house a month before delivery).
Name: Beh (Fei Chai), Wei Wen (given out as Shane), Christine (Given out to Sunway) and Cady.
Personality: Hyperactive. ADHD.
(We only kept two of MauMee's kittens).
Name: Twenty Cents
Nickname: Liang Liang
Hobby: Kacau Cady
Personality: Happy go lucky
New Entry!
Name: Tiger
Nickname: Xiao xiao de
Hobby: Making noise
Personality: Smart, fast-learner.
Name: Powder
Nickname: Yet to be discovered
Hobby: Scratching my bag
Personality: Oblivous
We found most of these cat to be hungry, thrown, unwanted, emanciated and sick (bactrial infection). If not taken care of, they will just die like that. Who cares, right? These are just animal, not precious like human right? Give it a break, they are living thing too and they can feel pain and hunger just like you and I.
Dun get upset with strays. Get upset with people who don't take care of their pets, throw kittens, don't sterilise them but don't take care of the kittens. I've seen people purchased expensive cat breed then ended up throwing them at the ground floor, hungry and dirty. If you can't take care of them, don't even start. Lend a hand if possible. If you think they are dirty, infectious bla bla should check out the amount of bacteria on your handphone, public toilets et cetera. Besides, how many people die of infections from strays and how many from heart diseased? Just give it a thought. Not just cats man, think about dogs, the Pulau Ketam incident. The Balakong chinese area with so much dogs looking so sick and ill. So painful to see...

XXXHolic Tribute

Yesterday I went for a photoshoot for Yuuko Ichihara (XXXHolic) in OUG with Anthony Lee (Blur), KC Lee and Amir Yusof (Raz). I was supposed to meet them at 2:30pm but ended up at 3pm cuz got sesat on the way to Steven's Corner and heck, Bt Jalil road got so freakishly congested thanks to the new bus station.

We went to the house of Anthony's friend. He had his house mordified to a very Japanese setting. He said something about him owning a Japanese restaurant once. It was gorgeous! After a few (hundreds) shots, we headed to the Bukit Jalil park. I confidently sped to the park opposite our campus only to find out that I went to the wrong place. So memalukan...there's actually another park in Bt Jalil triple the size, constructed in a few different settings. I remember walking past a China garden and Japanese Garden. I wondered what else they have there. It was cool though XD.

Here are some of the pictures I managed to get from Raz yesterday. I've edited the dark eyes circle (as usual) and added some effect. I'll upload the original in facebook without the dark eye circles, of course xp.

Thanks for the shoot guys. It has been fun. Also, a special thanks to the two other girls who accompanied us and became the guys' kuli. Lol...I shall be uploading more pics soon once they send them to me.

From left: Raz, Angie, Ant Lee, Aster and KC Lee.

Erm...lazy to repost pictures in fb la. Basically 90% are here:


I've always loved cosplay. I remember day dreaming about being Sailor Venus in primary school. Hehe...Wendy Wong Pei Wen, Vivien Tan Siew Ling and Chewy Chee Yu Li would know about this. Eh...dun pretend, we were all there in dewan SK BTHO. Anyway, I also remember pestering Fatina, Chee Pong and gang into Final Fantasy VIII although langsung tak jadi la. That was like...11 years ago and 7 years ago respectively. True, I've been to Comic Fiesta way earlier but as passive participant ie. going around gawked at other cosplayers.

Edited the dark eye circles. Nyah, nyah, nyah!

Cut the story short, Ashura and Anna were my earlier attempts. Yuko Ichihara and Enma Ai were my first public appearance. I loved them both although I must admit, I'm toooooooooooooooo old for Enma Ai. Like majority moms, my mother didn't really approve what I am doing but for all event, she never fail to wake up early to do my hair and brows. 'Arigatou, haha senpai!' Then again, it's kind of difficult to cosplay whem I have tiny eyes...sigh!

Archieve: purchaced a wig and plenty of contact lenses. Bought a sewing machine earlier this year and took up sewing a lil bit more seriously. Purchased plenty of cloths (get ciak lak scolding for this).

Yesterday I went for a photoshoot for Yuko Ichihara (XXXHolic) which officially marked the retirement of the Time Witch costume. Cleaned it, folded neatly, bowed and kept it away in a box. So, what's next?
  • Sumire Kanzaki (Sakura Taisen) - 65% completed
  • Mei Ling Li (Cardcaptor Sakura) - 10% completed - on hold
  • Noelle Bor (Trinity Blood) - 8% completed - on hold
  • Siela ( Chaos Legion) - 3% completed - on hold
  • Yuuko Phoenix Edition (XXXHolic) - 85% completed
  • Quistis (FF8) - 0%
  • Ashura remake (RG Veda) - 15% completed - on hold
  • Jam Kuradoberi (Guilty Gear X) - 0%

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pulau Perhentian Trip

So peaceful with the breeze.

It has been a good sem, fair result and interesting postings. A few bad eggs here and there but *shurugged* that's part and parcel of life I guess. My first activity following EOS exam was a trip to an island called 'Pulau Perhentian' - the stopping island, the island where you stop, or is it the waiting island? Oh well. Anyway, it was nice although I really preferred Pulau Redang since there are more activities and it's merrier at night.

This is the place we slumber.

10 of us went, two rooms in Flora Resort or was it Floral Bay? Geez...something like that la. The rooms were okay, toilet was acceptable, food was so so, towels were...smelled like rotten seafood. It's kind of expensive to spend there though. Alice purchased a coconut for RM7 when we can see them growing above us. Could have just plucked some of them eh, Alice? I drank something with such bombastic name but taste no greater than a cup of milo for RM6.90.

Most of our activities were dedicated to sleeping, snorkeling and star gazing. Oh, not to forget picture taking too. I especially love this...thanks for putting up with this, Alice~

Courtesy of Xin Ying's camera Setting
What was great about this trip was Lang Tengah. The boat dumped us there and we went, 'not again'. We were bored of snorkelling by then, honestly. It's pretty much the same after all - dead chorals, disgusting sea cucumber. But not Lang Tengah, uh uh! Not Lang Tengah. We only get to spend like 15 mins there but it was amazing! Argh! The choral, the fishes. It's really like being in the ocean finally! Oh, Lang Tengah! I wanna visit you again. Anyway, I heard these island will be changed to higher end tourism spot. So, go quickly while it's economic *winks*.

A shot of view from where I was chillin'.

Lastly but not least...wished you were here Soh-Tong