Monday, June 21, 2010

XXXHolic Tribute

Yesterday I went for a photoshoot for Yuuko Ichihara (XXXHolic) in OUG with Anthony Lee (Blur), KC Lee and Amir Yusof (Raz). I was supposed to meet them at 2:30pm but ended up at 3pm cuz got sesat on the way to Steven's Corner and heck, Bt Jalil road got so freakishly congested thanks to the new bus station.

We went to the house of Anthony's friend. He had his house mordified to a very Japanese setting. He said something about him owning a Japanese restaurant once. It was gorgeous! After a few (hundreds) shots, we headed to the Bukit Jalil park. I confidently sped to the park opposite our campus only to find out that I went to the wrong place. So memalukan...there's actually another park in Bt Jalil triple the size, constructed in a few different settings. I remember walking past a China garden and Japanese Garden. I wondered what else they have there. It was cool though XD.

Here are some of the pictures I managed to get from Raz yesterday. I've edited the dark eyes circle (as usual) and added some effect. I'll upload the original in facebook without the dark eye circles, of course xp.

Thanks for the shoot guys. It has been fun. Also, a special thanks to the two other girls who accompanied us and became the guys' kuli. Lol...I shall be uploading more pics soon once they send them to me.

From left: Raz, Angie, Ant Lee, Aster and KC Lee.

Erm...lazy to repost pictures in fb la. Basically 90% are here:

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