Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NIPS Crazy Challenge (TV3)

In conjunction with TV3, NIPS (JACK n' Jill chocolate) organized Na cosplay event - NIPS Crazy Challenge. I heard that it was the first time M'sia media actually get into the world once belonged to cosplayers only. I'm not sure how true is that but it's nice to see that the media began to take notice of this interest.

About a month ago, I stumbled into this event on a facebook link. Itchy to make full use of the Time Witch Costume and Enma Ai school uniform, I sent two of these entry. A few days before the event, they called up for an audition. I went, 'huh? What you want me to do?"

"Be in character for a three mins skit."  

Nak pengsan aku. How to be Yuuko in three minute solo? I need a Watanuki to tease or somebody to grant wishes...I didn't know I can get helpers...dang. Anyway after killing myself for three days, I'd came up with a three min skit chatting with Mokona (my soft toys). Chatting with a soft toy! Can you believe it??

So...cut the story short again, my cousin sis accompanied me to Persiaran TV3 near 1U last Sunday. Reached at 9:45am cuz I kiasu and kiasi I'll be late for the suposed 10am event. Guess what? I was the first one to be auditioned...woo...langsung tak ready. Anyway, waited till 11:15am to begin. I went in for less than 5 mins and came out feeling like a can of spilled bean. Only today, I found out Yuuko Ichihara will be going for the final this coming 24th July. Three Remaja TV3 crew came today for a shot on the costume. Mom was...'amused'. loked so awkward. The crew from Remaja TV3. From the right, Saifudean, Deqwan and Kudin.
So there I was...trying to speak in Bahasa after returning all my 'tatabahasa' to Pn Siti Salmah (my high school BM teacher). It's just a one minute clip though. I've overcome my fear for camera (still picture) but definitely not for video camcorder. I sure hope I don't look too awful...=.=". It will be featured in TV3 next Sat at 12:50pm, just a short clip before the Remaja program. Finger crossed...pls dun look too stooopid, pls dun look too stooopid...continue chanting.

For those who missed it hehe (thanks kin man):


Chee Yu Li said...

wow!! That's great gal.. but i dun think i can watch.. do me flavor?record and then post up on youtube? :D

Yvonne said...

adu I got work at day!!!!

got repeat one? I wanna watch i wanna watch.

I like your cosplay~

Shizuka no Musume said...

@Yu Li: I dunno how to record le...I'll try using my hp camera. Lol...

@Yvonne: ^^ thank you! I dun think there's repeat la. Next week should be somebody else's pula.