Monday, June 21, 2010

Meet the Family

We love cats. Really.We don't purchase expensive breed from pet store. Mom usually pick up weak stray kittens. She always say we will just take care of them till they get stronger but we grew attached to them so fast. Hence the number we have today XD.

Name: Snowy
Nickname: Pui Pui
Hobby: Sleep and Eat
Personality: Moody, positive to Cat Nips.
(Passed away early 2010)

Name: Blackie
Nickname: Tut Tut
Hobby: Sleeping, star gazing
Personality: Short sighted, kind and gentle (not applicable to strangers) and shy.

Name: Neko
Nickname: Niko Girl Girl
Hobby: Sleeping
Personality: Kecik hati. Quiet.

Name: Susu
Nickname: Chuchu
Hobby: Play with rattan ball
Personality: Shy and timid. Manja.
(Passed away early 2010)

Name: Ten Cents
Nickname: Mei mei
Hobby: Eat, eat and eat. Play with plastic cover.
Personality: She just love to eat la. She can smell food miles away.
Name: Mix
Nickname: Chou chou
Hobby: Hiding
Personality: I dunno man...but this one is like a dog more than a cat.
(Lost in late 2008)
Name: MauMee
Hobby: Sleeping
Personality: Kecik hati also. Cannot let other cats near her. She can grumble all day.
(She lodged herself at our house a month before delivery).
Name: Beh (Fei Chai), Wei Wen (given out as Shane), Christine (Given out to Sunway) and Cady.
Personality: Hyperactive. ADHD.
(We only kept two of MauMee's kittens).
Name: Twenty Cents
Nickname: Liang Liang
Hobby: Kacau Cady
Personality: Happy go lucky
New Entry!
Name: Tiger
Nickname: Xiao xiao de
Hobby: Making noise
Personality: Smart, fast-learner.
Name: Powder
Nickname: Yet to be discovered
Hobby: Scratching my bag
Personality: Oblivous
We found most of these cat to be hungry, thrown, unwanted, emanciated and sick (bactrial infection). If not taken care of, they will just die like that. Who cares, right? These are just animal, not precious like human right? Give it a break, they are living thing too and they can feel pain and hunger just like you and I.
Dun get upset with strays. Get upset with people who don't take care of their pets, throw kittens, don't sterilise them but don't take care of the kittens. I've seen people purchased expensive cat breed then ended up throwing them at the ground floor, hungry and dirty. If you can't take care of them, don't even start. Lend a hand if possible. If you think they are dirty, infectious bla bla should check out the amount of bacteria on your handphone, public toilets et cetera. Besides, how many people die of infections from strays and how many from heart diseased? Just give it a thought. Not just cats man, think about dogs, the Pulau Ketam incident. The Balakong chinese area with so much dogs looking so sick and ill. So painful to see...

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