Friday, February 18, 2011

Miyu Yamano

Didn't really manage to watch the entire series but just like XXXHolic, there are elements of magic and mystery to it. Love her cool character and her faithful companion Lava. Hmm...once again, thanks Uncle Blur for the Sg Congkak hike. Felt healthier after slipping and falling at the river.

Once again, the hair gg but mom already fixed it. So yeah, will debut her again some time soon.

Yuuko Victorian Riding. many things happened lately. Gonna slowly type out one by one. For memory sake, perhaps :) Had this shoot on 31st December last year. Yeah, can't believe I missed this one out XD. Went to Taman Tasik Perdana with Anthony and Angeline. It was a mosquito feeding day lol...counted all 56 bites on legs alone, excluding arms and neck and OMG face =.=" Nevertheless, it has been fruitful although the wig really dah tak boleh pakai dah. 

I've said this before and I'll say it again. Yuuko is my first actual cosplay project. She will always be special to me. Back in 2009, Yuuko connected me to the cosplay realm and allowing me to meet new friends that I've grown fond of. She brought me to Japan too XD 

We shared certain personalities XD but of course, it's a bit difficult to live that out in reality. She dun mind being close but she won't reveal herself to you. She appears nasty but her sarcasm is her mean to prevent you from getting too close and comfortable. She came into your life and leave an impact before disappearing elsewhere into another's life. She sees your need but she won't offer any help unless you have the guts to ask.  I'll be back for her again some time in future. After all, she has a wardrobe that will last a lifetime XD.

Thank you Uncle Anthony and Photog-to-be Angeline! Hugs!