Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Anicom 2010 - a cosplay event held annually in Sg. Wang. This event is carried out in three weekends, two winners for each week. I participated it last Sunday for the first time. The day before was GAMP. It was exhausting, I've lost some voice from all the talking Sumire costume was not done yet T.T

Hmmm...I planned to cosplay this character rm Sakura Taisen since begining this year. It was one of my childhood favourite anime. I've watched their musical concert and fell in love with their stage perfomances. Love seeing Sumire perform on stage^^

Anyway...I woke up early the next day to complete the costume. Up till 1pm, I'm still not sure if I wanna go because I really don't know what to perform. Sumire is a songstress and a stage performer in the anime when she's not busy kicking bad guys' bum bum in her koubu. So I did a simple geisha dance and sang the theme song - Teikoku Kagekidan. Love that song so much.

I reached late summore and went second last to perform. Sigh...what killed my motivation was how the crowd reacted when I wanted to get back stage. All the guys were hodging the front and won't let me go through at all. It was like they scare to leave their strategic spot to catch hot chicks even for a second. I dahlah so 'pek chek' after trying to wear the180cm long kimono in the toilet. Even Kin Man who helped me to wear kena marah from me for nothing. Sorry kek cawan...I'd been nasty and mean =.=".

I was at the verge of leaving when I bumped into Asyraf and Iqbal (the Bleach twins). Then they helped me to get back stage o.O "Tepi tepi, lalu lalu. Ada contestant!" I was so sure someone was gonna break their necks...anyway, managed to escaped to the back and wait...wait...and wait summore. I felt like vomiting back stage. Just felt so...'vomitty'?

Then my turn came. I was afraid that people don't know what I was since Sakura Taisen is an old school anime. I got on stage and guess what? I forgotten the dance steps, cincai hentam the steps o.O Next, I've forgotten the intro dance so I ended up talking, talking and talking nonsense. Out of tune summore. Sigh...but thank God Fahimi, Alan Chin and several others at the front helped to stir the atmosphere. Thank you really meant a lot for me.

Oh gao dim and run back stage feeling like puking all over again. A few minutes later they announced the winner. I went out for the consolation prize. It's another motivation for me to perform better in future. Thanks for those who support guys! Well, it's not just about winning I guess. I had the chance to see other cosplayers in amazing costume and I mean amazing costumes, props and make-up. I learnt a lot from all this^^

Ganbatte to those who are joining on the second and third week. Ganbatte, ZCDave!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

GAMP 2010

Well...since it's 1:40am now, I'm gonna write a short report of the event.

Let's see, this is the first cosplay event held in IMU. After going through so much hardship, misunderstanding, postponing, frustration and heartache, it is done! There was a lot of last minute job during all forms of red tapes but we managed to pull off anyway. It wasn't great and there's lots of space for improvement but from the bottom of our hearts, we hoped those who participated had a good time. Do continue to support us should there be a GAMP 2011 yah! Please feel free to leave any comments (good or bad) regarding the event. We will look into it so that a better GAMP can be organized in future! Thanks heap~

Like any other cosplay event, we had drawing competitions, performances, solo and group cosplay competitions. Heheh...I;m proud to say that I'd convinced the Volcaloid and Bleach gang to join group cosplay. Huh? What? I didn't? At least I planted the idea, no? Lol...anyway, you all did great. Wanted to thank all those who participated. I'm really thrilled to se many cosplayer who showed up in impressive costumes. Hope the photo booths were useful for you all. Here are some of the pics taken:

A special thanks to all the performers: Band Desu, Celestia, Laveena, Shawn Ngu and ZZ Chee. You guys did great. A big thanks to all photographers who took lovely pictures of this event! Thanks for tagging too! I shall attach the links to videos and pics soon. I had fun, really. You guys are awesome!

To the committee of GAMP, thanks for making this happen!
To Kin Man Fong a.k.a Da Sohtong, thanks watching my back and keeping an eye on me! Hugs!
To Ayase, Kikyo and Captain Jack, thanks for taking time to help us out!
To Janet who helped out the booth, thank you very much and sorry for being such a lousy shopkeeper =.="
To Miss Siew Wei Fern, thanks for showing up. It really mean a lot to this event^^
To anonymous, thanks for the drawing! I've got a souvenir! Hehe...

Hmm...for me, cosplaying has been a wonderful journey where I met really cool people. See you guys around~

Friday, August 6, 2010


  • Date: 14th Aug
  • Time: 10am - 7pm
  • Venue: Auditorium, International Medical University
  • Attractions: Performance, food stalls, doujin booths, Photo Corners
  • Competitions: Art, Cosplay (solo/group)

*Waving frantically to all cosplayer, anime/manga fans and photographers out there*
Do come and join us! I shall be giving out candies and chocolate that stock so catch me when you drop by! Nola...I'm not bribing...Cya there! Support le....