Sunday, July 25, 2010

NIPS Crazy Challenge (TV3) Finale

Hmmm..where do I begin? I have a feeling this is gonna be a looooong one. First of all, I really didn't know cosplaying as Yuuko Ichihara can take me this far but I know I genuinely love this character. A lot! I started off in her Tsubasa dimension that you guys must have seen a lot in my blog. I thought of changing to her Victorian Riding version last minute so I had about three weks to complete the crazy costume. I spent about two to three hours after school to sew the costume. During the last week, I even stolen some time between lecture break to sew a button or two. I'm sure the lecturer almost hauled a table at me. This page will be a dedication to those who helped me through this.

First of all, thank God! There's so much things in between that I fear and it's not so much about Him letting me win or things like that. It's more about the time, friends, boyfriend and family supports that I have been blessed with. He gave me peace and comfort at times of turmoil, especially everytime I'm at back stage and almost puke out of nervousness. One more thing, THANK GOD THE WHIP TRICK DID NOT FAIL. Omg...that part was really a miracle despite all the practice we had.
            Mom and Ta Yi                                                            Aunt Lee and Uncle
My Mom who supported me secretly despite all the 'why-the-heck-do-you-have-to-do-this'. She worked on my wig (she's a hair dresser) a few days earlier which had entangled like *blank* after the last appearance. She wished me 'good luck' a thousand times on the day of the competition. Somehow, I can feel that she is more 'kan jeong' (anxious) than I am.'s so good to see her so happy~

Sera, my cousin sister! She is an amazing make-up artist who inspired me to do all the crazy things in life since I was a kid - art, stage performance, modeling, desinging, tailoring. You name it. She taught me how to sew according to measurement. Thank God she was back in M'sia on time to guide me in making this costume! Thanks, Sis! You're awesome! 

My uncle, the landscapist! He helped me to sculpt the phoenix on her hat. That bird is one heck of a problem. I did a lousy job and my uncle offered to help out with the touch up despite being so busy and tired. So from a 'duck' with extra long tails, it transformed into a phoenix! He is awesome in painting!

Aunt Lee and Ta Yi pula helped me brain storm with all the materials needed. I practically ransaked their shop for Aunt Lee made several calls just to check if I get what I needed. I'm so priviledge!

Best Boyfriend Award: Sohtong!

Fong Kin Man! The 24-7 suportive boyfriend of mine! He spent so much time accompanying me sewing and tolerated all my 'siao-ness' when I was overwhelmed by stress. He was with me back stage, front stage, makan and everywhere to keep me company. He held my hands when I was going to puke or faint, telling me to chill. I think he had faith in me more than I had for myself. Thanks, love! You deserved the Best Boyfriend Award! Hugs~

Yukito, (me), Marianne, Emily.

Next will be my two helpers! I really can't do this without them. Put me alone on the stage and it won't be the same at all. I've met them at random in cf forum and met them in person during CF09. I'm so glad they agreed to help me out. They are no other than Marianne Chong (Ame Warashi) and Yukito Jin Chong Tey (Watanuki Kimihiro). Thank you guys for making time to actually gather together for practice and thank you guys so much for alowing my imagination to run amok and put up with it. Marianne, the whip trick worked! Argh!! It worked! Thank you for being an amazing whip thrower and thank your sis (Emily) for being an amazing whip thrower trainer! Thank her for coming to support us too! Yukito, sorry for all the abuse! Thanks for being a sport~
Also, a special thanks to ZCDave for being such a sport to appear in our final skit. That whack on the head was a good one XD. Thank you, ZCDave! I was able to meet Ayase, Kikyo, Laveena, Sky_Fara, Celestia, Embek, Iqbal and many other cosplayers in person.

Also a big thank you to Remaja TV3, NIPS sponsor and the fellow judges for making all this happen. It's nice to see Saifudean, Deqwan and Kudin there too. Thanks for being so helpful! A big thank you to all those who messaged me through phone and fb as well. Thanks for all the support! Hugs! 

Here are the videos of our skits:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bon Odori 2010

Through my eyes.

This is my second Bon Odori. I remember attending last year and vowed to return this year with a proper yukatta. Heheh...I also remembered that I reminded myself not to wear anything red or pink. I must have got recalled the wrong information when I was purchasing the cloth for my yukatta.

So Kin Man and I headed to Shah Alam around 6pm. Thanks to my over acurate information, we ended up at Shah Alam Stadium. Thank God, Matsushita Stadium was only 15 minutes away. Nevertheless we took an extra 30 minutes due to the massive jam. Cars were flooding in from every direction at a roundabout. There was zero parking nearby so Kin Man dropped my off first.

I was late and there wasn't any fan left for me :( but when I started to dance for the first session, a group of ladies gave me a fan. I think they thought I was a Japanese girl who was late and didn't get any fan a.k.a kesiannya... And evil me, I just smiled and said 'arigatou'. Evil! I know, I know! I'm sorry but it sure felt good to 'be' a Japanese for a day. Lol...

This year was crazily packed. The songs and dance moves were the same as last year so I caught up pretty fast. I only saw my cousin brother and a high school fren there - Su Woan. Oh and Anthony Lee too ^^. Thanks for the pic as I didn't really take any picture. Sigh...menyesal.

It was a full day for me. Dance ---> buy drinks ---> dance ---> buy food --->dance ---> bye bye. I saw lots of silk yukatta that can be purchased from Mines Wonderland and these:
1. Girls wearing super high and pointy heels (I wonder how many times they got stuck in the mud).
2. Girls wearing super short 'yukatta' like those from 'toys' shop (still the photographers love them, whatever).
3. A guy actually cosplayed like a vampire!?!?!?!?
4. Several guys brought katana. I wondered what were they thinking when they decided to lug that thing around the whole day.   

All in all, it was fun! I thought of making time to go Penang next year. Hmmm...surely no more pink and red next round.

Thanks for accompanying me ^^ I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do. Hugs~

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Moral Lesson on Vainity

 I went for the elimination round with a friend from my batch in 2008 IMU Cup. Apparently, many representatives from Med were there too. While waiting for my turn, I saw this kid who looked darn familiar. The reason why he caught my attention in the first place was because he was talking so loud, trying to entertain a group of girls with jokes that I find...lame? Oh well...anyway, he reminded me of some nerd I used to encounter in almost every inter high school quiz - Science, General Knowledge, Chemistry, Biology, Add Math et cetra... Ahh...not to mention debate too. Okay, the reason I'm always there made me a nerd too. Fine, fine, I'll take that. Anyway, that quiz guy was smart alright but definitely not attractive to me, not in that way.

So later when I had the opportunity to encounter this medic guy I said, 'Hey, you looked familiar.' Before I could continue by asking, 'are you the prefect who represented your high school in most of the science quiz' he gave me a disgusted look like he just saw a slimy frog talking. He interupted almost without consideration, 'many girls said the same. I know I leng chai, always use the same line'. Erk! Naik kejang leher aku.

He walked away and I let him because if I were to open my mouth next, I might start cursing his father, his father's father and his father's father's father. Sheesh...leng chai my bum bum. Which part leng chai!? He is neither tall nor dark nor handsome. Nothing attractive physically and now that he opened his mouth, totally turn off. Sheesh...I was screaming for a mirror! So, last sem I saw him again in the hospital. He saw me too and gave me the smirk, still hallucinating that he looked like Jae Joong. I wished I had a banner with me that says: LOSER. So VAIN. PERASAN.

Just to make a comparison. I went for a trip this round and saw another fella who looked like one of the guy who joined the crowd in Talent Fashion Outbreak 2008. Learning from past experience, I cut it short and get straight to the point. 'Hey, are you one of the participants for Talent Fashion Outbreak?' He appeared startled for a while then smiled, 'I don't think so. friends mistaken me for some other people too.' He is better looking, polite and HUMBLE. This is the kind of guys that girls don't mind pulling a few pick-up lines with. At least I still have respect for this guy rather than the first.

Another moral lesson: self praise is no praise.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

~Sweet Wedding down Malacca Lane~

It was my cousin Sera's wedding. As usual, we like to do things out of the norm. So she chosed to do a traditional chinese wedding which caused me sleepless night sewing three Makua. My goodness...cold sweat just to think about it. We went down Malacca on Sunday to chill for a day. Indulged ourselves with shopping, feasting and more feasting. Love Jonker streets so much! You can get almost anything there. Unusual stuff I, like rubber chicken. Anybody knows what is it for?

Went back at night to decorate the bride's room while the guys go check out the football match. England lost by the way. Her room was awesome! Love the setting so much! After the decoration was like a girls night out. nail painting. No, no pillow tossing either. Just the girls from the family, sitting together and talk. Wow...the last time that happened, I was still a kid and they asked kids to go bed early XD. Yay, I got my license to stay up late edy!

Oh ya...forgot to mention, it was also Alan's birthday so...Happy Birthday Alan! Surprise~

It has been a beautiful wedding! We all enjoyed the celebration and hoped that you both will be happy always! Congratulations, Sera and Alan! Hugs!
1. Mutual respect.
2. Give and take.
3. Keep falling in love over and over again with the same person~