Sunday, May 29, 2011


After cosplaying for about 1.5 years, this was my first time attending C2AGE. I heard it had always been in Tropicana Mall since it first started. It was a two days event where I went on first day to jalan-jalan and solo competition on second day. Held in the heart of Tropicana Mall, a stage was nicely put up on the center with chairs for audience in front. There were Otaku booth on the right and anime stuff on the left. There were second hand comics too unfortunately tarak CLAMP :( The MC of da day were Hisashi and Dante. As usuals, there were looooooooooooooooooooooooooooots of vocaloid. I drove on day one with my student, Azim who wanted to check out cosplay events. On day two, both of us naik kereta Anthony. 

I remembered how i rushed my crazy Siela Riviere costume for Day 1. Everything was done except for her shoulder piece and I took two consecutive days, trying out three different technique to construct it. wasn't great but it turned out alright. Siela was from the game Chaos Legion. It was famous some time ago:
I really enjoyed this game before I played God of War, that is. Even though Siela didn't play big roles in the game, I somehow like her grace and of course, her costume. Nevertheless, only few people knew who I was cosplaying. 

On day 2, I cosplayed as Lily Vocaloid to compete in the solo competition. Sigh...spent the whole night creating the audio, mana tau...didn't even make it into final. Lolz...but still, I enjoyed the 2nd day more because I had the chance to hang out with friends chat and try out photography (after I've changed to casual Lily ). Get to know Kuro Dai better, learnt how to pain nails from him. Hang out with few new cosplayers and finally met those I've been chatting with on FB all along. Managed to rampas camera Joseph Low and Anthony to try out photography. Will upload those pics soon, not much but I'd tried my best XD. Overall, it has been good :) maybe I should give photography a try~

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tribute to Katie de Lys

Fell in love with the make up after watching Katy Perry's ET music video. Special thanks to Katie de Lys for making a tutorial simple to follow:

I've always wanted to shoot this concept back in those days when I was still involved in modeling. But...Malaysian modeling photographers being Malaysian model photographers, they think it's too much trouble, it's impossible, the model no 'mat salleh' look and the list of the loser excuses went on and on. For most of the model photographers I've encountered, they would prefer to shoot such thing in hotel room and sexiness is directly proportionate to nudity. They didn't understand the meaning of creative art or getting out from the box. It's always and forever bikini shots at the beach, lingeries in hotel rooms et cetera et cetera. So, for those so called model photographer that I'd encountered out there, IT IS POSSIBLE. Let your model voice out their opinion rather than having them following your shallow perverted mind. I made a different so I had nothing to lose for rejecting all those nonsense. I do not need that kind of profile.

Hence, it can be concluded that COSPLAY IS NOT MODELLING. We cosplay the characters we love and we be who we want to be. Modelling is becoming what the others want you to be. For those younger girls out there who want to be a model, want with care and always remember to love yourself and your dignity. Regards.


RG Veda is one of the oldest anime I loved besides Ouke no Manshou. I used to meditate on the illustration book my cousin sister used to have. Saved up enough to buy myself one copy from Kinikuniya back in high school. Always wanted to cosplay Ashura, both kid and adult version. I thought of debuting her back in CF09. Guess it was a good thing I didn't as I wasn't prepared for it. My first and actual success in props making. Lolz.

For the shoot, I use two wigs for the adult Ashura. First time working with Hexlord, second with Kenneth and tak tau how many times with Anthony edy (kontrak tak luput). We were supposed to shoot in Bt. Caves but the flight of stairs....annihilated. So we just pick a spot nearby which does not involve climbing. Lolz. Here goes:

Thanks for the pics guys ;)
Blur's collection:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sakura Wars Group

My second group shoot: Sakura Taisen! It's one of my favourite anime too although I really prefer their musical performances. Thanks Narukids for arranging this. Had fun with the big group of cosplayers and photographers at BJ Park. It rained alright so we lepak most of the time, shoot under the rain a bit. second time preparing a prop. Made the Naginata in three hours. Guess that was why it only laster two hours. Lolz. Most of the groups pics haven't been posted so I'll just post a group here. Will update the link once the pics are out ;)

From da left: Sky, Narukids, Hani, May, Fahimi, Venus, Cappy, Yuan and Ikki.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

XXXHolic Closure

Hmmm...haven't update for quite some time again =.=" Been busy with assignments and all. This is actually my first group shoot after the one we had in CF09. It's good to meet up with Marianne, Emily and Yukito again. This round, we expanded the XXXHolic family by including Marudashi (Tsukasa Shimotsuki), Morodashi (Evelyn) and Doumeki (Justin Ng). Unfortunately, Himawari  and Cat Girl couldn't join us last minute :(

This round is basically casual wear. Most of them is on default attire. For Yuuko...I have no idea what's default for her as her wardrobe can challenge JLo's. So anyway, due to time constrain as well, I sew this from her appearance in season 1 episode six or something. The one where she dragged Watanuki to eliminate the lap top of an internet addict. Hence the red bat.

Hmmm...I kind of notice how my cosplay quality has moved a little nearer to the drain. I guess it's too much for a start. Will do a bit more quality control in future. Lol...maybe. Just maybe...will do another version of XXXHolic again. Hehe...just can't get enough of Yuuko Ichihara.

Thankf for everything Anthony and KC. Sorry for being late and so unorganized as the group leader. Sigh...gomen ne!