Sunday, May 29, 2011


After cosplaying for about 1.5 years, this was my first time attending C2AGE. I heard it had always been in Tropicana Mall since it first started. It was a two days event where I went on first day to jalan-jalan and solo competition on second day. Held in the heart of Tropicana Mall, a stage was nicely put up on the center with chairs for audience in front. There were Otaku booth on the right and anime stuff on the left. There were second hand comics too unfortunately tarak CLAMP :( The MC of da day were Hisashi and Dante. As usuals, there were looooooooooooooooooooooooooooots of vocaloid. I drove on day one with my student, Azim who wanted to check out cosplay events. On day two, both of us naik kereta Anthony. 

I remembered how i rushed my crazy Siela Riviere costume for Day 1. Everything was done except for her shoulder piece and I took two consecutive days, trying out three different technique to construct it. wasn't great but it turned out alright. Siela was from the game Chaos Legion. It was famous some time ago:
I really enjoyed this game before I played God of War, that is. Even though Siela didn't play big roles in the game, I somehow like her grace and of course, her costume. Nevertheless, only few people knew who I was cosplaying. 

On day 2, I cosplayed as Lily Vocaloid to compete in the solo competition. Sigh...spent the whole night creating the audio, mana tau...didn't even make it into final. Lolz...but still, I enjoyed the 2nd day more because I had the chance to hang out with friends chat and try out photography (after I've changed to casual Lily ). Get to know Kuro Dai better, learnt how to pain nails from him. Hang out with few new cosplayers and finally met those I've been chatting with on FB all along. Managed to rampas camera Joseph Low and Anthony to try out photography. Will upload those pics soon, not much but I'd tried my best XD. Overall, it has been good :) maybe I should give photography a try~


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Seila... oTL

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It's SIELA, mangkuk!

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Hmm.. bila mau buat. Xp