Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tribute to Katie de Lys

Fell in love with the make up after watching Katy Perry's ET music video. Special thanks to Katie de Lys for making a tutorial simple to follow:

I've always wanted to shoot this concept back in those days when I was still involved in modeling. But...Malaysian modeling photographers being Malaysian model photographers, they think it's too much trouble, it's impossible, the model no 'mat salleh' look and the list of the loser excuses went on and on. For most of the model photographers I've encountered, they would prefer to shoot such thing in hotel room and sexiness is directly proportionate to nudity. They didn't understand the meaning of creative art or getting out from the box. It's always and forever bikini shots at the beach, lingeries in hotel rooms et cetera et cetera. So, for those so called model photographer that I'd encountered out there, IT IS POSSIBLE. Let your model voice out their opinion rather than having them following your shallow perverted mind. I made a different so I had nothing to lose for rejecting all those nonsense. I do not need that kind of profile.

Hence, it can be concluded that COSPLAY IS NOT MODELLING. We cosplay the characters we love and we be who we want to be. Modelling is becoming what the others want you to be. For those younger girls out there who want to be a model, want with care and always remember to love yourself and your dignity. Regards.

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