Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Marble Arch

Two weeks ago, I went to Marble Arch Boutique for some fashion shoots. Most of the pictures are already up in facebook. Just to share the experience, it was fun to be able to work in my comfort zone. The photographer and manager were sporting enough to trust the models and gave us liberty to dress up as we feel right. Hehe...the belts, accessories and other props were at our own dispose. XD

Figure 1.0 Dress.
Figure 1.1 A bit like Indiana Jones.

Figure 1.2 Sigh...can never understand leggings.

Figure 1.3 One of my favourite.

Figure 1.4 Boots can go with anything weh.

Lol...but just like any other shots, I do have some bummer moments. After reviewing the outcomes, yeah, I think I should smile more. Hehe...hopefully there's more to come!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Taken (Review)

Well...not only do I blog about expired stories, I blog about expired movies too. Come on...when I got time to actually sit down and watch movie. Anyway, I found this movie a nice one. It is a mixture of a father's love, impossible skills and the danger of the real world. This is real and it happened. It can also happen to you and I. Girls, do watch for precaution sake. Guys, watch and be inspired to be a good father. Lol. Here are the official review:

Liam Neeson is an unstoppable force in this adrenaline-fueled thriller from director Pierre Morel. Bryan (Neeson) has taken early retirement from the CIA in order to live closer to his teenage daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace). Bryan's government work kept him away from Kim for much of her childhood, and he's now trying to make up for lost time. When Kim announces that she's taking a trip to Paris with her friend Amanda (Katie Cassidy), Bryan is apprehensive about her traveling on her own. His worst fear is soon realized, as Kim and Amanda are abducted upon their arrival in France. Bryan immediately springs into action, using his well-honed CIA skills to piece together clues from a single, frantic phone call he received from Kim. He hops a plane to Paris, determined to rescue his daughter before she falls off the grid completely. With some help from his old CIA buddies, he tracks down the kidnappers--an Albanian crime ring known for selling young girls into the sex trade. He quickly takes matters into his own hands, plowing his way through Paris's underworld as the clock ticks down and the bullets fly. His search propels him into the upper echelons of a massive crime ring, putting him closer and closer to his beloved daughter. Neeson is known for tackling extremely cerebral roles, so it is interesting to see him in full-on action-hero mode. In TAKEN he is no less than a crime-fighting machine--a Bourne/Bond hybrid with a deathly serious baritone. And while he spends most of the film firing Uzis and snapping necks, he still manages to deliver a moving performance as an estranged father fighting for what he loves most in the world. The film undeniably owes a lot to Neeson's acting chops. He manages to raise this rather thinly plotted, deeply violent film a bar above your typical action fare.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

IMU Ball 2009

The Prestige

Figure 1.0 The Imu Ball goers. Pics already updated long time in facebook.

Yeah, another expired story. I know, I know. This year I've helped out as deco something but I've been in Seremban so I didn't help out much also. The water fountain things was the result of miscommunication but oh well. What is done, is done.

I had fun this year, the performances, food and environment were way greater than last year's. Not to mention the companions and table of friends. Lol...Man Man drove with Andrew following so far behind. We sesat a bit here and there but reached in time to take lots and lots of pictures. Lol...I remember Alicia laughed out loud at a Prom Queen Finalist. Evil la you. Hehe..we tried to dance but my dress was simply to long to stand <>

Thanks for making it special, Kin Man. It was tiring but you put up with me all the way through. Hope you've enjoyed it too. Hugs!

Nurses Day 2009

Figure 1.0 The Nurses-to-be. More pics in album. Oh ya...all my pics are in facebook album.

I know, I know. This is expired story but maklumlah...no time to write. Hmmm….this year N107 was in charged with Nurses’ Day. Last year I kecik hati when IMU had our seniors celebrate this in Seremban clinical school. However, after being in Seremban hospital for a while, I realize there are pros of having it there. I realize people can’t care less about this day in IMU.

Figure 1.1 The dancers in outfits, ready to rock and roll!

Sasha, Rachel, Priya, Sin Yee and I danced. We’ve practiced real hard for that almost every night for a month but guess what? The sound system on that day destroyed everything. Cis…so I’m not going to show you that video. Instead, I’m gonna attach one video here to show you our progress. That was fun, actually. Thank you guys for willing to perform it! Hugs!

We did the Nobody dance by Wonder Girls. Geez…you should see Prof Lim’s face when she saw our dance. It’s like she’s going syncope. Haha..I guess they will only appreciate ‘orthodox’ performance. Say…tambourine dance?

The Return of The Missing Girl

Venus is back in blogging mood! Actually…now baru ada masa to blog. Hmm…from my last blog in friendster, lots happened. I’m going to break them down in short short segments just in case ‘somebody’ complain that I write grandmother’s story.

In a blink of eye, Semester 4 is ending soon. How did this sem differs from the others? Let’s see…I’ve been late to class almost everyday cuz of the stoopid jams. I tried crashing in Sotong’s place earlier to avoid the jam but that only lasted three days…darn exhausted. Other than scoring like diarrhea for KG Mapanga’s module (since when I score well for this fella’s module???), everything was the usual. Ms Kolandai and Chyn Fong left IMU for good. Sigh…these are people who spice up things in IMU. Hope you guys do well in wherever you go and whatever you do in future!

Figure1.0 Makan out with the girls. Please refer photo albums for more.

We’ve spent ten weeks in Hospital Seremban this semester. One more week…just one more week and I’ll puke HCl. I’ve spent all ten weeks in male ward and OPD – surgical and medical. The good thing is…I get to see lots of procedures related to this sem’s modules. I didn’t get to work with that lovebird doctors this sem. On the last day summore scared Lai Suu Keng till his face turned green. Sigh…it was never my intention. I rather give Cheah or Koh myocardial infarction. Woo…I also never fail to achieve my posting abjective which is to give mean doctors a chunk of my mind. Lol…it’s fun to see that they are hesitated to order me around. Bwahahaha…I’m not er maid in waiting, darlings! Another good thing is that ten of us were staying in another house. Although sometimes no water, have lots and lots of mosquito (it’s amazing how I was dengue free) and noisy fan, it’s way better than you-know-who’s house.

Figure 1.1 Makan with Senior. Refer more in photo album le.

As usual the last day I went to makan with sticky paper, white cloud and motorcyclist’s girlfriend. Hee…they are my sweet seniors. Love them all! Also, Man Man visited the hospital with me. Too bad it was afternoon shirt so there weren’t much procedure left to be seen. Hope you find that enriching anyway ya. Hugs! On the second last week also went to Malacca with Man Man. Love Jonker Street!

Figure 1.2 Malaca with Man Man. Refer album for more pics. So difficult to attach pic here.

Now just wait for the end of semester exams then holiday! Six week later I’ll be a sem 5 students. Lol…a super senior to this coming N109. Bwahahahaha…