Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Return of The Missing Girl

Venus is back in blogging mood! Actually…now baru ada masa to blog. Hmm…from my last blog in friendster, lots happened. I’m going to break them down in short short segments just in case ‘somebody’ complain that I write grandmother’s story.

In a blink of eye, Semester 4 is ending soon. How did this sem differs from the others? Let’s see…I’ve been late to class almost everyday cuz of the stoopid jams. I tried crashing in Sotong’s place earlier to avoid the jam but that only lasted three days…darn exhausted. Other than scoring like diarrhea for KG Mapanga’s module (since when I score well for this fella’s module???), everything was the usual. Ms Kolandai and Chyn Fong left IMU for good. Sigh…these are people who spice up things in IMU. Hope you guys do well in wherever you go and whatever you do in future!

Figure1.0 Makan out with the girls. Please refer photo albums for more.

We’ve spent ten weeks in Hospital Seremban this semester. One more week…just one more week and I’ll puke HCl. I’ve spent all ten weeks in male ward and OPD – surgical and medical. The good thing is…I get to see lots of procedures related to this sem’s modules. I didn’t get to work with that lovebird doctors this sem. On the last day summore scared Lai Suu Keng till his face turned green. Sigh…it was never my intention. I rather give Cheah or Koh myocardial infarction. Woo…I also never fail to achieve my posting abjective which is to give mean doctors a chunk of my mind. Lol…it’s fun to see that they are hesitated to order me around. Bwahahaha…I’m not er maid in waiting, darlings! Another good thing is that ten of us were staying in another house. Although sometimes no water, have lots and lots of mosquito (it’s amazing how I was dengue free) and noisy fan, it’s way better than you-know-who’s house.

Figure 1.1 Makan with Senior. Refer more in photo album le.

As usual the last day I went to makan with sticky paper, white cloud and motorcyclist’s girlfriend. Hee…they are my sweet seniors. Love them all! Also, Man Man visited the hospital with me. Too bad it was afternoon shirt so there weren’t much procedure left to be seen. Hope you find that enriching anyway ya. Hugs! On the second last week also went to Malacca with Man Man. Love Jonker Street!

Figure 1.2 Malaca with Man Man. Refer album for more pics. So difficult to attach pic here.

Now just wait for the end of semester exams then holiday! Six week later I’ll be a sem 5 students. Lol…a super senior to this coming N109. Bwahahahaha…

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Welcome back!! Hugs!