Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nurses Day 2009

Figure 1.0 The Nurses-to-be. More pics in album. Oh ya...all my pics are in facebook album.

I know, I know. This is expired story but time to write. Hmmm….this year N107 was in charged with Nurses’ Day. Last year I kecik hati when IMU had our seniors celebrate this in Seremban clinical school. However, after being in Seremban hospital for a while, I realize there are pros of having it there. I realize people can’t care less about this day in IMU.

Figure 1.1 The dancers in outfits, ready to rock and roll!

Sasha, Rachel, Priya, Sin Yee and I danced. We’ve practiced real hard for that almost every night for a month but guess what? The sound system on that day destroyed everything. Cis…so I’m not going to show you that video. Instead, I’m gonna attach one video here to show you our progress. That was fun, actually. Thank you guys for willing to perform it! Hugs!

We did the Nobody dance by Wonder Girls. Geez…you should see Prof Lim’s face when she saw our dance. It’s like she’s going syncope. Haha..I guess they will only appreciate ‘orthodox’ performance. Say…tambourine dance?

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Kin Man said...

Yup..the sound system in IMU sucks...
Nurses rocks!!!