Saturday, June 6, 2009

IMU Ball 2009

The Prestige

Figure 1.0 The Imu Ball goers. Pics already updated long time in facebook.

Yeah, another expired story. I know, I know. This year I've helped out as deco something but I've been in Seremban so I didn't help out much also. The water fountain things was the result of miscommunication but oh well. What is done, is done.

I had fun this year, the performances, food and environment were way greater than last year's. Not to mention the companions and table of friends. Lol...Man Man drove with Andrew following so far behind. We sesat a bit here and there but reached in time to take lots and lots of pictures. Lol...I remember Alicia laughed out loud at a Prom Queen Finalist. Evil la you. Hehe..we tried to dance but my dress was simply to long to stand <>

Thanks for making it special, Kin Man. It was tiring but you put up with me all the way through. Hope you've enjoyed it too. Hugs!


Kin Man said...

My first IMU Ball...with you :) And you also made it very special and memorable.

Love the green dress!!!! You just look beautiful and awesome in it!! Many agree too, and you were even nominated one of the best dressed in the ball...imagine that!! Among all hundreds of girls that night, you were the one. :) (actually, i am not surprised o... :P

We will be going for 2 more before we graduate k...promise??

It was a great night. Really. Hugs!

But i lost my goodie bag. Darn.

~`w!L`Li@m'~ said... sweet! Never seen Kin Man all lovey-dovey before. What love does to a man like you! Amazing, ain't it? :)

Anyway, look stunning in that exquisite gown! I said it once to Kin Man and I wouldn't mind saying it again. You are a very elegant lady. How very lucky of Kin Man to have you. Both of you make a cute couple. :)

Guess, I'll be following your blog now. Cheers! =)

Venus said...

Thanks, William. =) We're lucky to have each other ;-D. Oh ya, I couldn't agre more too about smart people making the stupidest mistake ever at times. Lol...