Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Something upsetting happened lately. This year we had a new group of people for sport team. I was totally thrilled as I wasn't very happy with the team I had two years back because of the lack of commitment. This year, the cheerleading thing started off fine. Then there's this this miscommunication with this girl who later turned out to be a misunderstanding. She has no intention to join anyhow but because of this incident, one of my team mate left too. It's so heart wrenching because I really love this team as it is now. Each and everyone of them.

The fella who left told me to chill and relax. It's not like that. I just couldn't articulate how I felt about the team and I felt responsible to keep this team together. Then he told me don't put all the blame on myself. I'm not blaming myself of course since I'm not the one who messed up the team then pull my team mates away. What I felt was the responsibility to keep the team together if this can be done. Sometimes I just wondered how such women can have everything they want. How unfair things are. Sigh...broken hearted.

Heart wrenching. Totally. How such stupid thing cost a friendship and the spirit of the team. I've done what I can but it's still up to him in the end. I just hope things could turn out better.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bon Odori

Yay! One of my 2009-must-do thing is achieved! I went to Bon Odori last Sat. It was supposed to be our club thing but as usual, I ended up organizing the whole thing and marfan friends around me who has nothing to do with the club. was worth the hussle so yeah, I'm so glad I went! Thanks for fetching us, Kelvin Hii!

Three juniors went with I - Yee Jin, Xiao Jie and Yen Lu. Met Kenneth and Sin Yee there too. The gate opens at five but when we reach there at 5:15pm, the place was half packed full! Food was good and unique. I wore my blue yukatta which I regreted the moment I walk out from my house. Nevertheless, I kind of thankful for wearing it during the dance. Some fellas thought I was Japanese and tried to sell me stuffs at higher price. Benci tul...some people made fun of the dance too. Benci tul...
The hightlight of the night were the dance and the drum performance. The steps are simple and repetative. I guess it was the atmosphere that everyone moved together which gave it the uniqueness and grand feeling. Imagine, thousand over people moving at the same time in a circular dance around the stage. Hmm....can't explain further. You've just gotta be there to feel it. I've uploaded some videos too. More pics can be obtain from facebook!

Da Genting Trip

Figure 1.0 Upon arrival at Genting bus station.

Hmm...I've got 4 weeks of holiday but I only went to Genting last Friday with some chicks from my batch. was crazy, we slept at 1:45am and woke up at 6:00am to board a 7:30am bus to Genting. Silly us, tahpau breakfast but have to throw away cuz the bus driver dun allow us to board with food. Sigh...anyway. We reached an hour later. Kind of siao la to reach that place so early. It was foggy and icy cold. Rach didn't bring her jacket. Haha...
Figure 1.1 Bergaya-gaya at First World entrance.

We bought the package thing, RM68 for indoor, outdoor, snow house, rock climbing, bowling and another dunno what extreme ride. Anyway...we spent close to six hours outdoor. Almost vomit when I came indoor. There wasn't much indoor. Bowling was cool - championed by Sashi. Seing Rach climd the rocks was hilarious. No joke. We did space shot, Rach opened her eyes all the way through. Cekap. I did space shot twice, corkscrew twice, spin things twice also and pirate ship three times. Eating MaryBrown there was awesome. Swallowing something hot on such icy cold water....mmmmm. Nice!

Figure 1.2 Took this shot in a chocolate shop.

Sashi was evil in cnow house. The moment I enter, she already had this snow ball stuff in her hand. Luckily I turned in time to escaped the icy stuff. Hmm...then we had snow fight for a while, went for the bumpy and painful slide until our nose turned blue. I can't move my upper jaw. Sashi had frost bite. Bwahaha....

Oh...oh...not to forget to give thanks to Sotong KoKo who fetch us back and forth to Pudu bus station. Thanks, gula-gula :D. Hope you liked the MU badge. More pics on facebook yah!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Am I holidaying? I don't feel like it but what the heck. That's how my holidays had always been - filled with activities and seepless night, trying to get some inspiration. So what I landed myself into?

Orientation (Practice, practice, practice)
Cheerleading (Hectic, hectic, hectic)
Tution Classes (Lazy, lazy, lazy)
Track and Field (No stamina dy)
Swimming??? (Oh...I'm still learning)
Sigh...I seriously need a holiday. I need a holiday as in h.o.l.i.d.a.y.