Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bon Odori

Yay! One of my 2009-must-do thing is achieved! I went to Bon Odori last Sat. It was supposed to be our club thing but as usual, I ended up organizing the whole thing and marfan friends around me who has nothing to do with the club. was worth the hussle so yeah, I'm so glad I went! Thanks for fetching us, Kelvin Hii!

Three juniors went with I - Yee Jin, Xiao Jie and Yen Lu. Met Kenneth and Sin Yee there too. The gate opens at five but when we reach there at 5:15pm, the place was half packed full! Food was good and unique. I wore my blue yukatta which I regreted the moment I walk out from my house. Nevertheless, I kind of thankful for wearing it during the dance. Some fellas thought I was Japanese and tried to sell me stuffs at higher price. Benci tul...some people made fun of the dance too. Benci tul...
The hightlight of the night were the dance and the drum performance. The steps are simple and repetative. I guess it was the atmosphere that everyone moved together which gave it the uniqueness and grand feeling. Imagine, thousand over people moving at the same time in a circular dance around the stage. Hmm....can't explain further. You've just gotta be there to feel it. I've uploaded some videos too. More pics can be obtain from facebook!

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