Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Something upsetting happened lately. This year we had a new group of people for sport team. I was totally thrilled as I wasn't very happy with the team I had two years back because of the lack of commitment. This year, the cheerleading thing started off fine. Then there's this this miscommunication with this girl who later turned out to be a misunderstanding. She has no intention to join anyhow but because of this incident, one of my team mate left too. It's so heart wrenching because I really love this team as it is now. Each and everyone of them.

The fella who left told me to chill and relax. It's not like that. I just couldn't articulate how I felt about the team and I felt responsible to keep this team together. Then he told me don't put all the blame on myself. I'm not blaming myself of course since I'm not the one who messed up the team then pull my team mates away. What I felt was the responsibility to keep the team together if this can be done. Sometimes I just wondered how such women can have everything they want. How unfair things are. Sigh...broken hearted.

Heart wrenching. Totally. How such stupid thing cost a friendship and the spirit of the team. I've done what I can but it's still up to him in the end. I just hope things could turn out better.

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Ixidor said...

No worries yea....things will turn out. Remember what you told me yest nite after orientation? That you have other team members like Beh, KH and Wei Wen that will always support you. Go Taurus!!!