Tuesday, August 18, 2009

KLPF 2009

This event is all about photography for photography lovers (pro and amateur photographers alike). Fujifilm held a photography competition entitled 'People'. Therefore, four other girls and I went on stage and posed what seemed like forever on stage to be 'shoot'. The flashlights we unbearable. I've got migraine at the end of the day...

On Sat, we were supposed to wear guy-like attire. 'Cool' stuff they said. So I had this no-smile-ans no-nonsense-look all the way through. Mana tau ada people complain this model didn't smile enough. Cis...I abide by the given theme ma. There was supposed to be a second attire but nobody told me about the casual wear so I ended up going on stage with my aunty baju and uncle pants. Lol...

The other girls were Eva, Rhea and Careen. I didn't catch the name of the other taller girl XS. Sumimasen.
From left: Pierre (I tembak the spelling), stage coordinator. That name reminded me of the first ballet barre I had. Lol...was supposed to name it Abu though XD. Mei and I.
I totally love the make up! Mei was the make-up artist. There's three 'Mei' make-up artist in my life already o.O. She so tall and pretty than many of us there. I think she should be the one on stage though. Besides, many photographers took her pics than ours that day. Lol. Nevertheless, the hair was horrible. No fingers pointing, I'm not telling who did it but it was a...well...I give you the liberty to comment.
One of da pic taken using a digital camera in the mist of all the hyperextended digital SLRs. I loved it though. Courtesy of my boyfriend who accompanied me there for two days! Thanks, gula-gula. Hugs!
Second day was better. I like my dresses and the body art. The hairdo was a whole lot better too. What a relief! Thank you guys for tagging me in FB yah! Hmmm...actually what I didn't know was the fact that I had to pose with Fuji Camera which felt like some sort of product launching. It was awkward. Posing with a camera xs. I seriously ran out of ideas on how to pose at the end of the day. Sigh...maybe I should just stick to fashion~
Well...the best thing is at the end of the day, I get to go home and curled up on my cozy bed with my kittens (10 cents and 5 cents). At night have dinner with my family and Man Man. Love you all~


Ixidor said...
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Kin Man said...

Thanks also to David for lending me his camera. Well well, good to see you on stage :) hugs!