Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weapon of Christ

When it comes to Christians, the immediate symbol would be the cross. Do you know what does the cross means? The cross is the sign of suffering as Christ suffered on it for the people He loved.

Christian weapon = cross

Since the Cross = suffering

Therefore one of Christians' greatest weapon = ability to suffer as Christ did

I'm not saying that type of suffering where you need to be stripped and whipped. Criticism, betrayal and misunderstood by others for being a Christain is a form of suffering too. That kind of loneliness and silent persecution, painful it is. What I'm trying to say??
The world is with sin and darkness. When you try to shine His light, shadows will try to devour you. Because the darkness is greater in this world, the light within you often put to shame and rediculed. Do you still stand as the light and allow Him to shine through you? Or do you allow it to dim and blend into the darkness.
Persecution is too common even among Christians. Going to church every Sunday doens't make you a Christian. Christian means being Christ-like. So what's that? Not asking you to be god but to love like the way he did. Don't you agree if the world has more love and less lust, hatred and greed things would have been better?
God's love (Agape): Allowing freedome and choice to grow. Allowing suffering of the consequences so you can learn repentance but never to leave your side and let you fall. Never keep grudge but to forgive and nurture. Understands your weakness and finds your strength.

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