Friday, November 26, 2010

Lily Vocaloid

Yosh! I must admit that I was not into Vocaloids at all until I checked out on this new 'diva'. Okay, she has been around some time ago but hey, I'm notorious for being outdated. This is one of her official songs which I first heard. Not bad although it's a bit too techno-ish.

There's a demo version where people like you and I stumbled across. Many people downloaded the 30 days trial and played around with her 'vocal'. You can try downloading here if you can read Jap >.<
Lily Demo
Just like other really depends on the users' skills and experience with the software actually. If the production is by a less experienced individual, it will probably sounded as bad as this where poor Lily gets horrible terrible vegetable comments:

XD I kind of agree that her 'voice' is pretty 'Japanesized'. It's difficult to make her pronounce English. So yeah, 'Ohh...caught in the bathroom ants!'. 
BUT if you know how to play around with the notes and pitch and all, she can actually sound really cool! Alteration to the spellings for her to 'pronounce' is also crucial to prevent things like 'bathroom ants'. According to some opinions, you may get better features to make her voice more 'real' using the full version. So yup, more efforts have to be given in utilizing her 'voice'. Ganbatte, Lily-chan!

Physically saying, I'm not too sure what is she wearing. The only thing I am sure was her booth. The mixture of yellow and black made her looked a bit bee-ish XP. Nevertheless, love her still with the blue eyes, chords and all. The original version released and the figurine actually looked different. The original looks pale orange in colour in comparison to the shocking yellow on the figurine. Hmmm.the poster I got from Animelo apparently doesn't show much of the 'orange'. See if you guys can find the original release pics~

Lily is known as genderbent vocaloid. According to a source, "Genderbent Vocaloids are Vocaloids with the gender switched. This is very common among American fandom. Usually Genderbent Vocaloids are actually Vocaloid songs pitch-changed to create a male or female song; they are rarely songs made with a different voice configuration."

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Animangaki 2010

31st Oct 2010 - This was my first time attending Animangaki. Last year was the first, held at the same place: Sunway University. For a second timer, it was nicely done. The crowd was good and supportive to this event. The hall is a bit small for a whole day event but they did utilize the classrooms nearby for games. I think that is a genius idea to spread the fun elsewhere rather than restricting it to the hall alone. There are many apt settings for photoshoot too. The food was sufficient although the tables and chairs for seating were not really enough, some of the ppl ended up eating at kaki lima. Lol...but everyone had fun so what the heck~

Now...before I even get to the top. A big big THANKS to my mom for helping me out with the wig. The balck wig was kind of damaged after the NIPs Crazy Challenge so my mom fainted when I wanted to use it again. okane to get new wig. She also went all out to hunt for that two gigantic fish balls on my head. We went shopping to find materials for the shoes too. Lol...thanks mom.

Secondly...thanks SohTong Man Man for taking me there! He was my safekeeper and ensured I cukup makan, cukup main, cukup rehat, cukup tangkap gambar dan cukup sebagainya. Thanks, Tako-kun! Hugs! P/s: I was practically broke since it was the end of month so he became my Along too xp.

Now...time to get serious. Three mistakes I made this time.
1. I shouldn't have SANG
2. I shouldn't have DANCEd
3. I shouldn't have sang AND danced.
What the heck was I thinking? Geez..once again, I successfully embarassed myself on stage. Buurr...but all in all, it was fun. The twins, ZCDave, Takayukiryuu and some of my friends were being suportive. Despite singing out of tune and dancing out of beat, they still jammed in the fun. Thanks guys! The EmCee was cool. His hair is real...orz. He gave me a few words of wisdom before I perform but heck, I still screwed up. Sorry, dude. When my mom saw the video she said, "Told ya you can't sing."
*Vomit blood*

Hehe...who did I cosplayed as? The one and only Li Mei Ling from Card Captor Sakura. I love her lots despite being a minor character in the sries and despite being rejected and abandoned by Syaoran like how Uketo ffk me as syaoron. Once again, I sew the costume. Wanted to vomit blood when it comes to the shoes and the yinyang symbol on the dress. So glad I found the big bells too. Wanted bigger actually, the shopkeeper look at me one kind.

So here you go, some of the memorable pic of mine. I didn't take picture actually so I just robbed from people around. Okay, this will prbably be the one and only, the last ever MOE character from me.

What hurts the being so close. Having so much to say but watching you walk away...
Make use of the cards I've colected when I was still a ehem...kid.

They guy with lots of expensive imported gadget: Alex.

Tired...sit for awhile.
Soul Eater

It's always on the

Kikyo, the judge. She's 172cm o.O

Marianne, my kaki buli for Uketo.


Ayumi chan as Luka.
Kakashi ^^
Da Geng (from left) : Scary Guy, Asyraf, Iqbal, The Version.

And the killing continued...Fahimi Sparda.

Iqbal, the bone guy.

Was trying out some stunt: love this!
Found a Sakura but from Tsubasa...

Oh...guess who? Dai Kurotenshi m(_ _)m

Jigoku Shoujo: Enma Ai.

Full View.

Which one is the real Kaito!? 

Hehe...need I say more?
Keep diggin'.

Lavena: her costume was craaaazy. Didn't get a shot of that though.

"Hi, thanks for coming. I'll be singing out of tune from 0:00 to 3:15. I'll also be dancing off beat. So just sit back and have a good laugh ya."

The most MOE pic I've ever taken so far. 

Messed up with Sailormoon style...hehe.
Andrew: also a Clamp fan. Nyah!
Kadaj (Ken Lim): a happy version.
Dance, dance, dance~

Portraying my card collections.

Kadaj (Brian): the not so happy version.
And I shall end my post with this...
One of my favourite despite the fat leg o.O
The grown up Mei Ling.
More pics here, consisted of the event and other cosplayers:
Courtesy of Quirky Lili Princess (QLP)
Courtesy of Fong Kin Man
Courtesy of Semut-chan
Will keep updating the photo album list when I get permissions.