Saturday, November 28, 2009

Atarashii no Tsuki (New Moon)

Hmm...I just got back from Seremban. It was a happy, the last day is always the happiest day. Even when SN or Dr throw mean stuff at me, I simply can't perceive any of them XD.

Anyway, I went to Mines intentionlly to fix both my handphones which decided to expire at the same time. Argh! Then I unintentionally bought myself a CSL handphone XD. So far so good but since it's made here, I'll make noise if any problem arise within six months.

Okay, down to business. I actually watch this Twilight thingy in the cinema. Let me confess, I was absolutely totally uninterested when the first movie came out. I mean, Venus watching romantic movie??? That's like having Bee Ann going to casino. So why I pay bucks to watch this new moon thingy in cinema? It's Jacob! It's him! It's him! Argh! So this post is going to be totally bias, I admit.

Now, now. We all know girls go drooling over this Edward guy (the all good non harmful vampire). I think he looked like drug addict...I feel an angry mob approaching. Hide!

So...I went online to check out these hot babes from two different world. Finger crossed...I really tried my best to put up the best pic of Edward. Really. So, who wins? We all have that to ourselves, eh. the end of the day, don't we just hate Bella for being 'torn' between two absolutely pretty hunk (for me just one le...). On top of that, she used Jacob as a temporary replacement! Woo...I hate pretty girls. Grr...ruff!How could anyone bring themselves to mistreat Jacob Black!? Argh!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Definition of Cute

I saw these while browsing through some online products. Beh tahan, must blog about these pictures.

Cute, aren't they? Huh guys? come on.

Yeah, okay. cool. so we should ALL puff up our cheeks when we take pictures, eh? Head down and peep up like kena sawan. Then go , "Rahhh!! I'm a kitty cat. Miawh!" *Slap forehead* I must be very 'soi' from blogging about this XS

Monday, November 2, 2009


I remember a few weeks before SPM I was talking like crazy about Comic Fiesta. I saw some cosplayer before and I wanted to go as one too. Going there in normal attire is simply abnormal xp. Anyway. I wanted to go as Quistis back then because I loved her very much, her personality and charm. Heh...what I didn't know was how much time and dime cosplaying cost. My neck. It has been five years since then. I went to CF last year as the lady in Van Helsing. Okay...I know it's totally not Japanese but heck, I have nothing else to wear. This year, I've made Jam Kuradoberi's (Guilty Gear X) attire for GACC initially but only 70% completed. I gave up on the shoes and hair. I'm still hunting for materials now. Hopefully can come up with something neat end of this year o.O Here are some of the beautiful cosplayers I find successfully portray the characters.
Tifa Final Fantasy 7. One of the most cosplayed female character. Replaced Rinoa long time.
Sailor Saturn. It's very rare to have nice Sailormoon series cosplayer. They are usually as below...
Sigh...wish Sailor Venus was slimmer.
Love Quistis. Love it. Love it! Argh...that killer look! Stupid Squall.

Dunno what they are but nice! of my favourite! Genzo Sanzo and the Saiyuki Boys~

This one looks a bit sad. I think it's from Bleach.

Another version of Tifa. She rocks!
One secret for cosplaying: If you have nice costume but not so nice look, this shall be your signature pose.

Kakashi after one year didn't exercise. Daily burger meals.

I'll cry if I see this. "Am I in the game? Wohoo! Gimme mah weapon!"

Neck itchy. Cheap body paint is like that.


Chobit? Dunno but lovely~

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flashing Lights

In Your Shadow

You got your name in lights
But they can't seem to spell mine right
You sold a mil today
Today I'm lucky if I get paid
If I could get paid
I'd survive another day
Maybe if I could get played
They'd know my name
Your girls are fine it seems
A dime or two in every dozen
I only wanted one but I'm no one
So I get nothing
But all this nothing I've got
Is all that's keeping me tough
Maybe this thing I've got is enough

When I'm alone and the lights go off
I'm never sure if I can make it that far
All that I know isI want thoseI want those
I want those flashing lights...

You dropped the class re-wrote the booksand
I'm still trying to pass
I'm at the back, professor, a question
What is the secret to these (flashing lights)
Is it just make believe
It's not easy
Wish it as ABC
You did your time
You broke your wire
And now you got your shine
I'm in the line
Lost in the crowd
Still trying to figure it out
Still trying to do it right
Still trying to find the light
Maybe not tonight

Colin Munroe is a genius for writing these lines.

Yin & Yang


She cooks. I read books. She does house chores and I’m lazy hardcore. She is sensitive and caring whilst me, hypersensitive and daring. While all guys love her, I drool over poster of Keanu Reeves and Vin Diesel. While she learns how to cook, I busy myself youtubing. I facebook like crazy while she does her reading for assignments. She spent sleepless night doing her assignment and I? 5 minutes each day. She is loved by all but me? Hah. I have scrolls of people who hate my sinovial fluid. She whispers prayer at night while I sing like donkey in the bathroom. She walked with confident in wards and delivered care conscientiously. Me? I tap my foot, recalling the steps I’ve learnt from youtube while pasing reports. She is the sample must-be-nurse for IMU and I’m the wild goose who dares to raise my voice to banana doctors and coconut nurses. While she dreams to be a professional benchmark nurse, I wished I’ve done another course. She just wants to find a good man and settle down with a cozy family. I HATE CHILDREN. She plays volleyball and the center for netball. The only thing I knew was to run like crazy but guess what? My stamina is zero now. Z.E.R.O.

We used to talk but after the incident last year, we hardly talk. Not even when we went to the trip together. Not even when the whole house is empty except both of us. Not even if we get stuck in the lift. Lol…I am notorious for silence treatment. That’s my middle name. No, wait. Mean is my middle name. Or is it Snob? Gee…can’t remember, too many middle names.

Today she cooked some herbal chicken for me cuz I slept like pig and didn’t go out for dinner. Knowing me, I’ll probably end up with a bowl of instant noodles. That must be the healthiest thing I’ve ever taken for the past six months. Hmm…I’m ashamed and don’t know how to thank you so I dedicate this post to you. I don’t think she reads blog because she rather read journals so…sigh! I have so little guts after all. Sigh…I envy her for all that she can do and the fact that everybody knows her and love her. I feel like a pig. Wait…that’s animal abuse. I feel like a can of spilt corn.
I really should be studying instead of blogging nowadays as exam is approaching but heck, I can’t concentrate in those slides anyway.