Monday, November 2, 2009


I remember a few weeks before SPM I was talking like crazy about Comic Fiesta. I saw some cosplayer before and I wanted to go as one too. Going there in normal attire is simply abnormal xp. Anyway. I wanted to go as Quistis back then because I loved her very much, her personality and charm. Heh...what I didn't know was how much time and dime cosplaying cost. My neck. It has been five years since then. I went to CF last year as the lady in Van Helsing. Okay...I know it's totally not Japanese but heck, I have nothing else to wear. This year, I've made Jam Kuradoberi's (Guilty Gear X) attire for GACC initially but only 70% completed. I gave up on the shoes and hair. I'm still hunting for materials now. Hopefully can come up with something neat end of this year o.O Here are some of the beautiful cosplayers I find successfully portray the characters.
Tifa Final Fantasy 7. One of the most cosplayed female character. Replaced Rinoa long time.
Sailor Saturn. It's very rare to have nice Sailormoon series cosplayer. They are usually as below...
Sigh...wish Sailor Venus was slimmer.
Love Quistis. Love it. Love it! Argh...that killer look! Stupid Squall.

Dunno what they are but nice! of my favourite! Genzo Sanzo and the Saiyuki Boys~

This one looks a bit sad. I think it's from Bleach.

Another version of Tifa. She rocks!
One secret for cosplaying: If you have nice costume but not so nice look, this shall be your signature pose.

Kakashi after one year didn't exercise. Daily burger meals.

I'll cry if I see this. "Am I in the game? Wohoo! Gimme mah weapon!"

Neck itchy. Cheap body paint is like that.


Chobit? Dunno but lovely~


Kin Man said...

I like this post very much! I wanna teman you go cosplay..but i duwan cosplay, just go see see..can ah?

Wendy said...

omg... so funny about the sasuke scratching neck one.