Saturday, November 28, 2009

Atarashii no Tsuki (New Moon)

Hmm...I just got back from Seremban. It was a happy, the last day is always the happiest day. Even when SN or Dr throw mean stuff at me, I simply can't perceive any of them XD.

Anyway, I went to Mines intentionlly to fix both my handphones which decided to expire at the same time. Argh! Then I unintentionally bought myself a CSL handphone XD. So far so good but since it's made here, I'll make noise if any problem arise within six months.

Okay, down to business. I actually watch this Twilight thingy in the cinema. Let me confess, I was absolutely totally uninterested when the first movie came out. I mean, Venus watching romantic movie??? That's like having Bee Ann going to casino. So why I pay bucks to watch this new moon thingy in cinema? It's Jacob! It's him! It's him! Argh! So this post is going to be totally bias, I admit.

Now, now. We all know girls go drooling over this Edward guy (the all good non harmful vampire). I think he looked like drug addict...I feel an angry mob approaching. Hide!

So...I went online to check out these hot babes from two different world. Finger crossed...I really tried my best to put up the best pic of Edward. Really. So, who wins? We all have that to ourselves, eh. the end of the day, don't we just hate Bella for being 'torn' between two absolutely pretty hunk (for me just one le...). On top of that, she used Jacob as a temporary replacement! Woo...I hate pretty girls. Grr...ruff!How could anyone bring themselves to mistreat Jacob Black!? Argh!

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