Tuesday, December 22, 2009

First Week of Holiday

Fuh...lots happened last week. I attended a boot camp and comic fiesta. I'll report on the comic fiesta things first XD.

I took 9 sleepless days and nights to complete this costume. What was I thinking? I was thinking that I'm getting really old soon so it's now or never! My first attempt: Yuuko Ichihara. I loved her as much as Quistis Trepe! We shared lots in common....trust me. *Evil grin*

Do I know sewing? Yeah, sew table cloth thanks to Kemahiran Hidup Tingkatan 2. My cousin sister, Sera is the real tailor. Before she left for Englang two years ago, she made me a Kimono (her first attempt on japanese traditional wear). She taught me how to take measurement and chucked me her first tayloring book. With the guidance of this two items and of course, the Yuko picture I keep staring into the past few weeks, I've managed to pull off with it! Hehe...it wasn't great but it didn't fall off, I guess. Haha!

The moment I hit the Sunway shopping, you should see the people's face. Everyone stopped and point. "The hell is that?" "Mom...". "Check out that vodoo chick man..." Anyway, it felt at home again when I reached the Conventional Centre because there are many other cosplayers! It was awesome that people recognize me as Yuko *hidung mengembang* from XXXHolic and requested for pictures. Hehe....terasa macam bintang pulak dah! *hidung continue mengembang*.

The best part was I had an almost complete group for this series, Ame Warashi, Zarashi Warashi and Watanuki. It will be great to have Domeki...heh! It was fun la despite all the unhappy things that had been happening around me. More pics in facebook Comic Fiesta 2009 album.

Will this be my last cosplay? I dun think so cuz I'm addicted! I'm already starting on my next project: Jigoku Shoujo. Okok...I know. I know. I'm always taking all those dark characters. Hmmm...maybe if I'm crazy enough, I'll do something totally opposite. Chobit maybe. Lol.

A special person I had to thanks for making all this possible is Siew Li a.k.a Kikuzakura who helped me to gather my materials and inspired to cosplay. Thanks, gal! You helped me to get around these things! Hugs~

Also to Kin Man and Kelvin who accompanied me throughout the comic fiesta so I feel less alien. Thanks! Thanks for giving me the courage to sign up the solo competition...haha.

I've met many cool people there, Yurei Chan, Emily, a yellow chobit, the Naruto guy (sorry didn't catch your name) and Yukito (thanks for helping me on stage!). It has been fun people, keep in touch yah! Also thanks to the photographers who tag my pictures. Many thanks!


Fleur de lis said...

=w= aww shucks dear~ you're too sweet

Kin Man said...

You look great on stage!! And the attitude is also like the character..haha..you can potray Yuko very well :)

Tsukimiya Jun said...

OxO Yuuko's Dimension Witch costume is actually your FIRST costume?
& the most epic thing is, THIS IS YOUR FIRST COSTUME THAT YOU SEW?

Oh dear, I am going to faint... XD

Good job girl~! Keep it up & hope to see more from you >W<

Venus said...

Arigatou minasan!