Monday, August 24, 2009

Love Your What!?

Love your enemy. Sweat...when my enemy appears before my eyes, me heart rate increase, blood pressure shoot up, heavy diaphoresis, stop saliva production and reduced gastraointestinal tract mortility. As a result, look away instantly and pretend didn't see anything. If I have to meet enemies daily, I would suffer, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, dehydration and constipation.

What is going on?

As usual, I like to break things down for clearer picture. What brings that kind of hatred is actually the work of our real enemy - the saitans. They came, after all to kill, steal and destroy. The only thing they fear and cannot comprehen is love. I guess that is why we are called to love. Of course, I'm saying this from the Christians' point of view. However, it is SOOOOOOO hard to do!

Take the example today. I walked pass a guy who put me down greatly a short while ago. I said 'hi' and gave a genuine smile. It's genuine okay because I hope he would forget the grudge and be friends again. Mana la tahu, he look also don't want to look at me. So...I'm suffering in silence and it's good cuz that will bring us back to the post 'Weapon of Christ' - why we need to suffer. Woo...sakit hati. Then again, everyday also we will meet some dunggu fella who scratch our ego a bit here and there and pour buckets of ice at us. Still, we can choose to think of the nice people we meet even if it means your pet cat when you get back. the end, it's about about self-awareness and self-control. I'm still learning.
Oh...also, the previous post is not directed to anyone in particular. boyfriend got so tension and thought I was tembak-ing him for no reason. Nola, macha. Please read the post intro. If you naughty, I'll run you over with a truck and reverse. Run over and reverse. Run over and reverse and run over...xp.

Sex before marriage

I wrote about this before some time last year. Recently, I've heard another incident which prompted me to write again. Hey, I'm not being nosy. I'm just voicing out my opinion. Lady Gaga is right when she says, 'The story always begin with a boy and a girl and a *sex* and a *game*. Take note, it's only a game not relationship.

Sigh...where do I begin? Temptations are great when two young lovers get together. The lights were dim, soft background music, nobody else is around, some sweet talk and oops! One moment you're talking about the future and the next, 'Oh my God! What have I done?' You see, a guy can almost instantly feel guilty and regret after orgasm. He will feel so bad about himself for doing so and so. Thinking that he doesn not deserve her and that she deserves better. As a defence mechanism stated by Freud's Theory, he left the girl. There's an obvious misconception here. The guy thinks he's being noble by backing off (not wanting to hurt her again la et cetera) but it's plain irresponsible and selfish.

For those who opt for fun and play then I have nothing to say la except that sexually transmitted diseases are no fun and that condoms are not 100% safe. But to those who seek future and a healthy relationship, draw a line and have respect for one another. Besides, there are other ways of showing affections. It's worth the wait. Why cannot wait? Scare see the actual body dy regret terus!? So what does your relationship based on?
Hmm...I don't know why. I think once it starts, it just won't stop. That's when promiscuisity (did I get the spelling right? I lazy to check) starts. Unless of course it was a forced act. What do you think? I'm not saying all but many relationship ended after it starts. Well you may argue there are relationships which ends without sex. Yeah, so which sounds better? Break up without prio body involvement or after? I'm not asking the guys. Girls?
For the girls, don't be so trusting. Men (guys and gals) can speak wonders and promised miracles but sadly...sometimes words are just worlds. So let's all not be stupid ya. Girls, protect thy value and guys don't ruin your future and name.
Moral lessons:
1. Think twice. Guys and girls alike. Think more than twice.
2. Self-help.
3. Get away before things get out of hand.
Okay, sorry if this post is disturbing for some of you but this is an issue. Like it or not, you might be in the same dilemma one day. Okay, okay! I shaddap now.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weapon of Christ

When it comes to Christians, the immediate symbol would be the cross. Do you know what does the cross means? The cross is the sign of suffering as Christ suffered on it for the people He loved.

Christian weapon = cross

Since the Cross = suffering

Therefore one of Christians' greatest weapon = ability to suffer as Christ did

I'm not saying that type of suffering where you need to be stripped and whipped. Criticism, betrayal and misunderstood by others for being a Christain is a form of suffering too. That kind of loneliness and silent persecution, painful it is. What I'm trying to say??
The world is with sin and darkness. When you try to shine His light, shadows will try to devour you. Because the darkness is greater in this world, the light within you often put to shame and rediculed. Do you still stand as the light and allow Him to shine through you? Or do you allow it to dim and blend into the darkness.
Persecution is too common even among Christians. Going to church every Sunday doens't make you a Christian. Christian means being Christ-like. So what's that? Not asking you to be god but to love like the way he did. Don't you agree if the world has more love and less lust, hatred and greed things would have been better?
God's love (Agape): Allowing freedome and choice to grow. Allowing suffering of the consequences so you can learn repentance but never to leave your side and let you fall. Never keep grudge but to forgive and nurture. Understands your weakness and finds your strength.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

KLPF 2009

This event is all about photography for photography lovers (pro and amateur photographers alike). Fujifilm held a photography competition entitled 'People'. Therefore, four other girls and I went on stage and posed what seemed like forever on stage to be 'shoot'. The flashlights we unbearable. I've got migraine at the end of the day...

On Sat, we were supposed to wear guy-like attire. 'Cool' stuff they said. So I had this no-smile-ans no-nonsense-look all the way through. Mana tau ada people complain this model didn't smile enough. Cis...I abide by the given theme ma. There was supposed to be a second attire but nobody told me about the casual wear so I ended up going on stage with my aunty baju and uncle pants. Lol...

The other girls were Eva, Rhea and Careen. I didn't catch the name of the other taller girl XS. Sumimasen.
From left: Pierre (I tembak the spelling), stage coordinator. That name reminded me of the first ballet barre I had. Lol...was supposed to name it Abu though XD. Mei and I.
I totally love the make up! Mei was the make-up artist. There's three 'Mei' make-up artist in my life already o.O. She so tall and pretty than many of us there. I think she should be the one on stage though. Besides, many photographers took her pics than ours that day. Lol. Nevertheless, the hair was horrible. No fingers pointing, I'm not telling who did it but it was a...well...I give you the liberty to comment.
One of da pic taken using a digital camera in the mist of all the hyperextended digital SLRs. I loved it though. Courtesy of my boyfriend who accompanied me there for two days! Thanks, gula-gula. Hugs!
Second day was better. I like my dresses and the body art. The hairdo was a whole lot better too. What a relief! Thank you guys for tagging me in FB yah! Hmmm...actually what I didn't know was the fact that I had to pose with Fuji Camera which felt like some sort of product launching. It was awkward. Posing with a camera xs. I seriously ran out of ideas on how to pose at the end of the day. Sigh...maybe I should just stick to fashion~
Well...the best thing is at the end of the day, I get to go home and curled up on my cozy bed with my kittens (10 cents and 5 cents). At night have dinner with my family and Man Man. Love you all~