Monday, August 24, 2009

Love Your What!?

Love your enemy. Sweat...when my enemy appears before my eyes, me heart rate increase, blood pressure shoot up, heavy diaphoresis, stop saliva production and reduced gastraointestinal tract mortility. As a result, look away instantly and pretend didn't see anything. If I have to meet enemies daily, I would suffer, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, dehydration and constipation.

What is going on?

As usual, I like to break things down for clearer picture. What brings that kind of hatred is actually the work of our real enemy - the saitans. They came, after all to kill, steal and destroy. The only thing they fear and cannot comprehen is love. I guess that is why we are called to love. Of course, I'm saying this from the Christians' point of view. However, it is SOOOOOOO hard to do!

Take the example today. I walked pass a guy who put me down greatly a short while ago. I said 'hi' and gave a genuine smile. It's genuine okay because I hope he would forget the grudge and be friends again. Mana la tahu, he look also don't want to look at me. So...I'm suffering in silence and it's good cuz that will bring us back to the post 'Weapon of Christ' - why we need to suffer. Woo...sakit hati. Then again, everyday also we will meet some dunggu fella who scratch our ego a bit here and there and pour buckets of ice at us. Still, we can choose to think of the nice people we meet even if it means your pet cat when you get back. the end, it's about about self-awareness and self-control. I'm still learning.
Oh...also, the previous post is not directed to anyone in particular. boyfriend got so tension and thought I was tembak-ing him for no reason. Nola, macha. Please read the post intro. If you naughty, I'll run you over with a truck and reverse. Run over and reverse. Run over and reverse and run over...xp.

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