Friday, October 29, 2010

Animelo Summer Concert 2010

Haven't been updating my blog for a while now. 8 assignments in 3 yeah. This is the continuation of my Tokyo Trip in August. One of the main reason I was there, was to participate in this annual summer concert held in Saitama Stadium. It was my first concert actually but it totally blew off my cerebellum and cerebrum into pieces because of the performance and stage quality. It's simply an amazing sight.

 People here are crazy about this concert, they practically save money for the two days concert.  Entrance ticket is about RM800 per day for good seats. Honestly, I dunno all the artist and can't understand 80% of what they spoke but heaven! It had been two amazing night for me! I've learned a lot from this trip! The stadium was downright crowed with people. The entrance opened at 4pm and the concert started at 6pm but the people began queueing at 2pm. I was so glad we had the special sittings (no need for queue).  Here are some of the artists who performed:

One of the performances I love best. Never really knew about her until the concert. Apparently she's some hot news in Japan.

Behold....ALI Project. I love her best. Best! The performance that I've been waiting for the whole night. She's really worth watching. Artistic, unique, different. Nothing moe moe. I'll atach a video of her in this post.

The first night ended with a bang from JAM Project. They may be noisy and loud but they stir the crowd just lovely.

Apparently they are trying to introduce Lily vocaloid after the hit by Kagamine Rin and Miku Hatsune. She's in my list for cosplay but there's no way I'm gonna sing what the software generated!

Some moe moe girls with short skirts, jumping around, acting cute. The Japanese boys love them so freaking much it's suffocating to sit near them.

Behold...the Dark Quen from the other realm...ALI Project.