Friday, July 11, 2008

MM Photoshoot.

It's ind of dark in there. Nice and relaxing to certain extend but somehow gives a suffocated feeling. Perhaps it is the red furnitures. Red and black blend together to give an alarming feeling. I guess I couldn't really relax after all. Haha...the dimness made me sleepy though.

My clock showed 2:23am. I can't believed I woke up after two hours to restless sleep. I think I dream of missing the photoshoot. I tossed and turned on my bed till 530am before heading for the shower. I got out from my house about 630am. My eyes were swollen and surrounded by a vast range of dark eye circle. Perfect, just perfect for photoshoot.

Driving to Taman Tun Dr. Ismail was not easy for me. It's not like driving has been any easier for me before. I just hate driving cuz I'm always lost. As usual, Ash became my navigator. I reached Taman Tun Pizza Hut about 738am, so worried that I cannot find TTDI Plaza. I called up Dwayne, out photographer and he was shocked that we were told to be at Bambo9 by 8am sharp. I was told to take a two hours breakfast. Haha...two hours breakfast. Sheesh...luckily I've met up with two other models who took two hours breakfast with me. At the end of the day, there were four models, two make-up artist, a hair dresser and a photographer.

It's ind of dark in there. Nice and relaxing to certain extend but somehow gives a suffocated feeling. Perhaps it is the red furnitures. Red and black blend together to give an alarming feeling. I guess I couldn't really relax after all. Haha... the dimness made me sleepy.

Here are the models - Michelle and Sittho. Gosh...I hope I've spelled their name correctly. Michelle is a head strong girl who run her own online business selling clothes. She does freelancing as well. Easy to get along and damn frank. Sittho is just like me la, blur blur in this kind of thing de. While Michelle and the other model (battery died so can't capture her. Sob...) were talking about fashion, clothes and modelling lifestyle, Sittho and I talked about studies, computer games, DoTA and 'mothers' behavior'. It had been fun la getting to know different type of people for eight hours. Bwahaha... Now to introduce the people who coloured me.

ICE - my hair dresser who told me a lot about modelling world. Lol...seemed like she has many part time jobs. She is also a very frank gal. Wakaka...anything which came out from her also contain '#@$X*#x?' de.

My makeup artist is Weii. She's only 18!!!! She has her own career!!!! Gosh...I feel sooooooooo old. She paint my lips shocking red. Shockeing RED. Something I'll never ever do in my life. Hehe...

Well...eight hours of photoshoot. So tired. So sleepy...I just hope the pics will turn out right. Will be able to view it by Aug I think. was nice knowing you guys. It had been fun too. Although I wish I could learn more about photography actually. Thanks for your prayer too, Yu Li. You knew how freaked out I was.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Malacca Zoo with My Bestie~

14th June 08 - that following week after exam (and getting my EOS result) I went down to Malacca with Yu Li. She drove and we almost hit the highway to Johor when we took a wrong turn which led us back to Cheras. Hence, our drive down to Malacca took two full hours at 80km/hr. It was the first time she drove that far and man...Malaysia sign boards are awesome. It's either they are placced at the wrong distance for people to turn or they are hidden by trees, poles or other non-related sign boards. Sometimes there are too many signboards showing the same location and sometimes too little. There is only one Jonker Walk sign board in Malacca...which was kilometres away from the exact Jonker Street, not to mention the twist and turns in between. So there were, two KL girls down in Malacca. Malacca Zoo was our first stop.

Above are parrots, a tiny monkey (abt 15cm excluding tail) and Yu Li. The monkey (forgotten the name, Mammoset something) has such sharp feature of erm...human, I would say. It's also the closest thing I could find to the creature in Princess Mononoke. Yu Li...was just being Yu Li. Hehe...below are more animals we saw.

Some of the animals looked depressed. The monkey tried to chew his own foot. The racoon doesn't seem to like to move-it move-it that much. The pony, looked as though it suffered schizophrenia. Lol...but I think the animals here are better than those 'trapped' in Zoo Negara. At least the tigers and lions are well fed...

They've got this Savannah thingy in Malacca Zoo too. It'srather huge and nicely decorated.

Well...we took about 4 hours in this zoo, trying to capture everything. I've got videos too which I'll upload later. I think this trip is worth it. Adults are RM7, RM5 if you have student card. Opens from 10am till 6pm. Closed for break and reopens at 8pm for night zoo.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Face Painting's my first freelance job during my sem break. Face painting involved using body paint (some really expensive gluey stuff) to paint...face la in this case. I was kind of desperate for a job once holiday starts and I just took this job even though I've never heard of face painting in my whole life! A friend of mine convinced my boss that I can draw and so...I became a face painter.'s actually a Go Green Campaign held in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail Park. As usual, I got lost on my way there and took two hours to show up. Luckily I expected myself to be lost in the city and got out from home at wee hours. About nine in the morning, the booth was set up and work began. I worked under Bonuslink booth with another girl by the name Yogesh. She provided me with body paint, brush, tissues and water. Stupid boss...he told me to just bring myself and nothing else. Can you believe it? Going to do face painting without body paint, brush, tissue and water? That's like going to sail without a ship. Anyway...she said it's okay la, can share with her. There goes 20% of my pay...

This is how the place looked like. I didn't manage to walk around though cuz people just kept coming to get their face paint...weird, eh? Will you get your face paint? I only get a 45 mins break to eat and go to the loo. By the way...the portable toilet was a nightmare. I've never seen anything like that. Since it rained a little in the morning, the whole place was a bit muddy and mud have the colour of diarrhoea and they are everywhere in the toilet can imagine huh? I was tempted to take some pics but a dozen of people already gave me a weird kind of look so I just close my eyes, do my business and went back to work.

I worked mainly with children although some adults popped up out of nowhere to get their face paint too. I was told by Yogesh to draw flowers and butterflies only since I've never done before. Heck, I can't be drawing these on boys, can I? Well...I sort of go the extra mile to do something else la. I hope she didn not get pissed. Really, I was just...bored with butterflies. It started off with dolphins, scorpions then eventually more daring - tigers and clown. Since my boss didn't complain, I just carried on. Here are some of the pics of my work. Nothing impressive la but I do hope to do better next time.

Flowers, flowers, flowers and more flowers. I like that butterfly but her mom insisted that the butterfly looked fierce. I was like, "whatever you say, ma'am".

Hmm...actually, this fella was the one who prompted me to do something other than flower and butterflies. least he was smilling. Hehe...thanks for the confident in me, dude.

This guy had something on earlier. After seeing his friend on top with a tiger face, he wanted one too. Hmm...this one looked more fierce though.

This one is my favourite. He came and I asked him what he would like me to do. He shrugged and said, "apa-apa jelah". His dad told me a flower or butterfly will do. My mouth went jelly-O and I persuaded the kid for a tiger. He shrugged again and said, "buat badut la". His dad went jelly-O. Here is the result.

This is the whole wacko team. Heheh...the pay wasn't much but I kind of enjoyed it. Can't believe I've worked with kids the whole day!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Deliberately Different

I guess everyone wished to be someone else at one point of a time. Just like everyone else, most of the time I'm just being struck by the harsh reality. Wanting something so badly is simply not enough to own it. I am never a pretty girl, always overlooked and sometimes, rejected. It's the fact that I'm too tall for my peers, having too flat a chest and lack of confident in public. Nevertheless, I've always wanted to be a model. Always.
I've spent quite some time dreaming and scouting for opportunities but opportunities never come. The more I tried to push my way in, the more rejections and insults I receive. I've even been cheated a few times into agencies which never exist. Life is truly harsh. I looked around me at my friends who are doing things they like at my age, I felt so depressed. I feel like giving up but then again...what next? Am I supposed to continue this kind of life which i loathed? Born as a nobody, lived as a nobody and die as a nobody?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Paint on My Face

This isn't the first time I looked into the mirror in horror at my smudged mascara. I looked like some over-gothic witch using cheap make-ups. Another day I looked like I've cried black tears. much for being water proof and no, it's not cheap. It's Estee Lauder eye liner and mascara. Grrr...what's the point of being water proof? It doesn't stay on my eyelids with active sebacceous glands and it's difficult to remove at the end of the day. I'll just resort to lip gloss and blusher.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Falling in love is one of the sweetest essence ever for guys and girls alike. Things will start off like some fairy tale, then you'll live in fairy land for the next few months and then things will change.
Yes, it's the sweetest thing when I met my first boyfriend. He was such a nice angel and I thought I was the luckiest girl ever. He is mature, smart and caring. We hit it right away with lots of promises and dreams shared.
It's only four months and I've noticed something odd. Yes, he is still as caring as ever but more temperamental. He began to talk about things which frighten me a lot. He began to told me what to do and what not to do. He kept telling me that if I do other wise, it'll ruin this relationship. I felt totally controlled and I hated it a lot. I still love this once-sweet-and-innocent kid but I grew tired of his attitude lately. He's very charismatic, knowing how to say things the right way. No mater what I said he wil be able to turn it around and make it sounds as though I am wrong and succumb into unspeakable guilt.
I felt so lonely and scared of him. Now I can only avoid him as much as I can. It's so sad that something so sweet can turn so sour now...sigh! Boyfriend!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sex Before Marriage

When my girl friend ask my opinion on sex before marriage, I just laughed and said, "that's not Malaysian la. Very western thing." To my uttermost ignorance, it isn't so. Checking the survey done on young Malaysians, I'm surprise that many think sex before marriage is no big deal. Alright, I'm outdated and definitely underestimated Malyasian youth's openess regarding this issue. Hmmm...what do I think? Well...I don't think I'll opt for sex before marriage. Other than being wrong religiously, I it's also not healthy morally. First of all, there may be lots of unwanted pregnancy.

Alright, I have this gentleman who argued that there's abortion. Fine, abort once, twice and then what? Abortion basically causes scarring in the uterine tissues which may cause trauma where future (desired and planned) pregnancy may be difficult.

Next, sex before marriage usually (dun kill me for this, I meant usually) leads to more than one parthner. This is one reason of increasing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). STD is not only HIV, there are other horrible diseases such as Gonorrhoea, Syiphillis and Choncroid. Worst, a HIV positive can be a carrier for 2 to 10 years withour signs and symptoms. Are you sure the person you sleep with is clean? Oh ya, please take HIV test before marriage or else the couple may as well be part of the statistic. Then this very same gentleman told me there's condom - specifically Durex cause it's the best he said (okay, he is getting really creepy at this point). I don't think condom solve every issue. It's not 100% safe anyway. Other than that, I actually anti-condom cause I think it's unfair for the girls. Alright, guys love sex and I doubt they care if the latex is there or not - sex is still sex at the end of the day. But girls! You okay with some latex stuffed into you? Isn't it foing to be highly uncormfortable? Alright, maybe the latex reduces unnecessary friction from wrinkled skin but still...the thought of having something plastic invade into the vagina is creepy for me. Okay, maybe it doesn't feel that way, I don't know and I doubt I want to find out. You girls tell me kay?

Lastly but not least, it may not be healthy for a relationship. Maybe I fell in love with this guy and yes, we may talk about marriage and bla bla. then we have sex and for some reason we break up. Hmm...that will be really heart breaking isn't it? Don't you people want to safe the best for the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with? Don't you want to share your deepest privacy with that one true person? Hmm...'marriage may not last', said that creepy no-longer-gentleman. True, but that's the closest you can get isn't it? Marriage is not a bed of roses, it's commitment. Save the best for the last. Hehe...that's what I think. Call me an old school, I don't mind. I think I'll keep my body sacred as the temple of God till the time comes.