Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Face Painting

Well...it's my first freelance job during my sem break. Face painting involved using body paint (some really expensive gluey stuff) to paint...face la in this case. I was kind of desperate for a job once holiday starts and I just took this job even though I've never heard of face painting in my whole life! A friend of mine convinced my boss that I can draw and so...I became a face painter. Lolz...it's actually a Go Green Campaign held in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail Park. As usual, I got lost on my way there and took two hours to show up. Luckily I expected myself to be lost in the city and got out from home at wee hours. About nine in the morning, the booth was set up and work began. I worked under Bonuslink booth with another girl by the name Yogesh. She provided me with body paint, brush, tissues and water. Stupid boss...he told me to just bring myself and nothing else. Can you believe it? Going to do face painting without body paint, brush, tissue and water? That's like going to sail without a ship. Anyway...she said it's okay la, can share with her. There goes 20% of my pay...

This is how the place looked like. I didn't manage to walk around though cuz people just kept coming to get their face paint...weird, eh? Will you get your face paint? I only get a 45 mins break to eat and go to the loo. By the way...the portable toilet was a nightmare. I've never seen anything like that. Since it rained a little in the morning, the whole place was a bit muddy and mud have the colour of diarrhoea and they are everywhere in the toilet so...you can imagine huh? I was tempted to take some pics but a dozen of people already gave me a weird kind of look so I just close my eyes, do my business and went back to work.

I worked mainly with children although some adults popped up out of nowhere to get their face paint too. I was told by Yogesh to draw flowers and butterflies only since I've never done before. Heck, I can't be drawing these on boys, can I? Well...I sort of go the extra mile to do something else la. I hope she didn not get pissed. Really, I was just...bored with butterflies. It started off with dolphins, scorpions then eventually more daring - tigers and clown. Since my boss didn't complain, I just carried on. Here are some of the pics of my work. Nothing impressive la but I do hope to do better next time.

Flowers, flowers, flowers and more flowers. I like that butterfly but her mom insisted that the butterfly looked fierce. I was like, "whatever you say, ma'am".

Hmm...actually, this fella was the one who prompted me to do something other than flower and butterflies. Erm...at least he was smilling. Hehe...thanks for the confident in me, dude.

This guy had something on earlier. After seeing his friend on top with a tiger face, he wanted one too. Hmm...this one looked more fierce though.

This one is my favourite. He came and I asked him what he would like me to do. He shrugged and said, "apa-apa jelah". His dad told me a flower or butterfly will do. My mouth went jelly-O and I persuaded the kid for a tiger. He shrugged again and said, "buat badut la". His dad went jelly-O. Here is the result.

This is the whole wacko team. Heheh...the pay wasn't much but I kind of enjoyed it. Can't believe I've worked with kids the whole day!

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