Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Malacca Zoo with My Bestie~

14th June 08 - that following week after exam (and getting my EOS result) I went down to Malacca with Yu Li. She drove and we almost hit the highway to Johor when we took a wrong turn which led us back to Cheras. Hence, our drive down to Malacca took two full hours at 80km/hr. It was the first time she drove that far and man...Malaysia sign boards are awesome. It's either they are placced at the wrong distance for people to turn or they are hidden by trees, poles or other non-related sign boards. Sometimes there are too many signboards showing the same location and sometimes too little. There is only one Jonker Walk sign board in Malacca...which was kilometres away from the exact Jonker Street, not to mention the twist and turns in between. So there were, two KL girls down in Malacca. Malacca Zoo was our first stop.

Above are parrots, a tiny monkey (abt 15cm excluding tail) and Yu Li. The monkey (forgotten the name, Mammoset something) has such sharp feature of erm...human, I would say. It's also the closest thing I could find to the creature in Princess Mononoke. Yu Li...was just being Yu Li. Hehe...below are more animals we saw.

Some of the animals looked depressed. The monkey tried to chew his own foot. The racoon doesn't seem to like to move-it move-it that much. The pony, looked as though it suffered schizophrenia. Lol...but I think the animals here are better than those 'trapped' in Zoo Negara. At least the tigers and lions are well fed...

They've got this Savannah thingy in Malacca Zoo too. It'srather huge and nicely decorated.

Well...we took about 4 hours in this zoo, trying to capture everything. I've got videos too which I'll upload later. I think this trip is worth it. Adults are RM7, RM5 if you have student card. Opens from 10am till 6pm. Closed for break and reopens at 8pm for night zoo.

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Yu Li said...

*grins* it was a great trip.. i enjoyed myself :-D looking forward for another trip with u.