Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Deliberately Different

I guess everyone wished to be someone else at one point of a time. Just like everyone else, most of the time I'm just being struck by the harsh reality. Wanting something so badly is simply not enough to own it. I am never a pretty girl, always overlooked and sometimes, rejected. It's the fact that I'm too tall for my peers, having too flat a chest and lack of confident in public. Nevertheless, I've always wanted to be a model. Always.
I've spent quite some time dreaming and scouting for opportunities but opportunities never come. The more I tried to push my way in, the more rejections and insults I receive. I've even been cheated a few times into agencies which never exist. Life is truly harsh. I looked around me at my friends who are doing things they like at my age, I felt so depressed. I feel like giving up but then again...what next? Am I supposed to continue this kind of life which i loathed? Born as a nobody, lived as a nobody and die as a nobody?

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