Tuesday, September 1, 2009

End of a Glorious Titan

I signed in friendster a while ago. I was running through a few things and realise that I signed up friendster in 2004. Back then, friendster was the IN thing. Friendster was EVERYTHING. Something like HI 5 came up but didn't make it. Friendster was with me throughout my secondary school life. Today, it's all about Facebook and the era of Friendster ended.
I read back some of the testimony from my friends. Those days, it is very popular to attach teddy bears and christmas trees in the testimony column. Every year without fail, the testimony column will be flooded with new year wish, birthday wishes and christmas greetings. I regret that I did not really keep in touch with most of them. Sigh...I wasn't that much of a friend back then, I guess.
Then there was this blog, my first ever blog. I compared my writing nowdays and I just can't write like the way I used to. Through the blog I remember my birthday parties where I literally forced people to attend xs. I remember being part of the choir team in church, dances and come up with short sketches for annual celebrations. Hmmm...I used to join art stuff back in school where I started to mix with account clas students. I remember doing a painting which one of my classmate liked a lot. Now I look at that painting also I want to vomit.
I used to be anime freak too. I may be a japanese freak now but no longer anime freak. My era ended with Gensomaden Saiyuki. Hmm...I once forced a guy to draw Genzo Sanzo for me. Hehe...you see, I used to force a lot of people do a lot of thing. Lol...I wondered how I did it. Sorry ah people! Ngo zhi cho le...
Surprisingly there are still people who use friendster. They told me friendster is more personal, quiet and suitable for close friends. Hmm...true also, facebook is so popular until it is no longer personal and there's no touch of privacy anymore. But I like Restaurant City and Suki no Sushi!


Kin Man said...

Of course Friendster is still personal le..I will leave some personal msg for you :)

It was like last year only Friendster is still poplular...becos I rember visiting your Friendster very very often..like VERY often..but i'm not stalking u k.. :P
..well..maybe a bit la..

But definitely Friendster has some good memories..opss..can't talk long..have to go feed my workers in RC. Hugs!!

Chee Yu Li said...

awww that's sweet Kin Man..
It's been a while i didnt log in friendster.. i'll log in one of these days to read back all the testimonies.. it definitely brings back all the bittersweet memories during highschool.. haha

Venus! I miss high school like very very much.. wish i could turn back time to change things :P