Sunday, September 27, 2009

Into the Secret Garden

I just read one of my friend's blog. I admire the way she put her thoughts together. The way she danced with her ideas and gave a deep presentation. I felt the most for the content because I know many people out there including me, felt that way and did the same silly mistakes before.

The essence of falling in love is so suffocating. You know how you first knew that person and how you slowly found out more things about him, most of the time on purpose *winks*. The first actual conversation, the teaseful remarks, the time spent together (mainly on work purposes). Then you realise you will purposely find things to do and spend time with him (join the same activity, same club et cetera). Every single sms or phone call means a lot. There will be messages that you will keep for months! Like the song 'Teardrops on Guitar', everything fades when he is around. He began to infiltrate your thoughts everywhere - breakfast, lecture, toilet, before you sleep and the first thing when you wake up. The more you found out the more you want to know deeper but sometimes, the deeper you go the more you get hurt. If it worked out, it's called a relationship. If it did not, it's called crush.

Too often, we fall in love with people who don't 'fall' back. We comfort ourself by saying it is the process of finding the right one. It's even more depressing if we fall for people who don't even know our existence. It's kind of rare to fall for someone who likes back *hugging sotong*. Unless we're talking about a super hot chick or a super hot hunk that everybody wants - you know that kind of people we always say they can get anyone they want? Hmm...I wonder how these people feel. Do they get rejected as well? Sometimes it's not even wise to fall too fast cuz you're might lose the things you hold dearly. Many a times, people judge with heart when it comes to this matter, all the palpitations.

I guess the best way is to maintain friendship if things doesn't work out from the BEGINNING. Don't wait till tears come flowing and hearts get broken. Pulling a break that time can't save a beautiful friendship. Nevetheless, like the song 'Realize': If you just realise what I just realise, we'll never have to wonder if we missed out on each other now. Meaning: maybe not now but some time in future. Just a maybe though so it's okay to maintain a friendship right, isn't it? Be strong, girl. This is dedicated to you. Hugs! A survival guide to those in relationship, you just gotta keep falling in love but with the same person ;-) *hugs sotong*.

Question to ponder: Why fat guys can find girlfriend but fat girls difficult to find boyfriend? Statistically saying.

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