Saturday, October 3, 2009


This comment came from a girl's eyes. She is no big fan of football but she does observe certain match especially the World Cup. She supports whoever against MU and enjoyed Korea's game. Looking forward for the coming World Cup but dunno which group to support yet - definitely not German, Brazil or England. Here goes:

When a team scored a goal, we say the team has good attackers including goalie. Goaler's picture always on the front page (or the back page as the matter of fact). However, when a team lose...there are a few theory (or people to blame).

a) If the ball is always on their court but for a short while before a goal, the defenders sucks.
b) If the ball rarely enters the court and yet they lose a goal, the keeper sucks.
c) If the ball is always at their court but for a long time, the goal keeper sucks.
d) If the team always get yellow card, there's a few more theory:
i) The winning team have good actors who fooled camera at times (The Nigerian team don't play such ;-)
ii) The yellow card team is over agressive, kiasu tak kiasi.
iii) The refree don't like your face.
iv) You got face problem.

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星影 said...

It really depends on one's attitude. I think... (in my personal opinion only, hehe..) the girl you're talking about has got prejudice in football, hemm hemmm..
again, this is just a personal opinion.