Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Is It

I watched 'This Is It' yesterday night. It was...difficult to accept that a legend has died. I'm sure many out there think this is rubbish but he is a legend, not Will smith. He is the beginning of an amazing entertainment, accomplished things that no entertainer now can ever achieved. I must admit I've forgotten about him for a while, forgot about my childhood idol. While the classy girls in my class worshiped Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, I loved his dance so much and wished I can dance too. Nobody dance the way he does because he moves the music.

In the clip, he looked frail and obviously sick but he never lose his lush. His love and knowledge for dance and music never fade one inch. It is hard to work with people who know what they want and MJackson knew what he wanted. He is a perfectionist when it comes to music. He wrote things that touched lives but totally ignored because we go for the hip and the hop nowdays, the hot and bootylicious.

Hmm...whatever I say makes no difference now because he is dead. People say good thing about dead people. They remember the good deeds and say nice stuff during burial ceremony. I guess I'm doing the same now. Something good is taken from the world just as Leslie Cheung did. Just one thing, nobody can replace him. Especially not Kenya West. MJ will lived through his music just as Elvis did to our older generation. Sigh...the new generation will not appreciate him like those who grew up humming his songs and trying to do the moonwalk thing. Miss him.

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