Friday, October 23, 2009

Beyonce vs Taylor

Comparing this two person is like comparing:
1. Britney Spears to Jewel
2. Justin Timberlake to Nick Carter
3. Ning Baizura to Kris Dayanti
4. Tyra Banks to Ophrah
5. DBSK to 5566/F4

There will be various opinions about each of the pairs but one thing is, you simply cannot compare them as they have total different set of parameters.
Beyonce is:
1. Hot, sexy and daring.
2. Experienced.
3. Singer, dancer and actres.
4. A Pop Queen with R&B background.

Taylor is:
1. Country, sweet and decent.
2. Guitarist.
3. Fairy tale princess.
3. Country song singer.

Now, come to the best music video award. Both sucks. Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' is impressive with the cheeky dance moves but for the whole 3 mins song? That's a bit boring. Taylor? Darling Taylor has nothing new to show. If you guys remember the once Pop Queen Anvril, she had the same concept in 'Girlfriend'. So, that's plain boring. The cheerleading part is also very fake. I guess she won the heart of America with her preety white face, gentle curls that fall on her cherry cheeks and sharp chin. All I can remember from her is beautiful dresses that I'd love to have but first, I'll need a room of closet for them.

I don't have anything against them. Neither of them is my favourite. I liked Beyonce for her 'If I were A Boy' and I had Taylor's 'Love Story' for ringtone over the past few months. It's the award system which messed up the category. Both have their strength in different way.

Next, we discuss about Kenya West and his deed. Lots of people already condemned him for the 'deadly' sin he committed unto darling Taylor but that's that. It's done and Beyonce covered it well. Beyonce's attire is weird, by the way. I just wonder how Jay-Z felt when the hero went up stage to back-up his wife. Hmm...anyway. I thought what he did was not appropriate since he is nominated the new King of Pop as Michael Jackson never ditch another entertainer in his life. He could have voice out his opinion gently over the media after the show or something. Nonetheless, after reading all the dirty words thrown at him from Taylor's fan boys (young little boys who go gugu gaga over her physical), I think that's even. XP

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