Monday, October 19, 2009


The more I read, the more I found out things which hurt. No matter how much I tried to cheer myself up, it just doesn't work. After all the efort I've put into this, I've got criticised in the end. Not good enough, they said. Too bitchy they complained. They want to be sexy, fun, all play and no hard work. What a mistake I've done. As much as they wished they had another captain, I wished I had another set of people who joined it purely for genuine interest. I was let me down like shit but still some stood higher to spat back at me. What luck I have since sem one. I should have let you all think about the routine, songs and outfit. Let you guys handle everything yourself. Yeah, then perhaps you all can do better and maybe beat the champion. After all, I'm not a cheerleader nor a gymnast or dancer. Who the hell is she? Just a nursing student but what does that make you? A preety face. This is a game for tough people, not like what you watch in movies.

Sometimes I wished I had my old team back. The team who knew me for years since secondary school and understood the need for perfection on stage. The team who knew how hard I push for the sake of the team. The team who knew I divide well between work and play. They all left, now all over the world. Once again, leaving me behind this cow dung place.

So, the hours spent on youtubing, music hunting, practices and money wasted on contacting people who never bother to reply, I'll just have to take it that I've been silly, down right idiot. Another thing which pissed me off was her lies. I was empathetic to her situation and tried to cheer her up until I found out her lies and scheme. It was pure disgusting. The worst part, it was a person who speak of God's love. Speechless.


Alex said...

Cheer up Venus. I really enjoyed the whole experience, hope you did as well. We may not have won, but the lessons we learned are more valuable than glory or any medal. =)

星影 said...

Sorry Venus, really sorry for the 'mentally breakdown'.
We have to admit that we lose a lot because you need to leave for attachment, but I still like your move, love our routine =)
Hope I'm not the one who disgust you, I don't lie...
sorry again... I should have learn to be strong. How I hope that outfit missing thing never happen then I would get a chance to spend more interesting time with you guys :)
cheer up, hugsss =D

Venus said...

Not you, gal. No worries, you've helped a lot with the accounts ;). Thanks, Alex~