Friday, October 16, 2009


Let's see what we've got from IMU Cup cheer 2009:
1. Bruises esp the flyers and bases.
2. One sore eye.
3. An extra uniform thanks to some mean joke.
4. Seven pairs of poms poms, flash cards, and several huge flags to congest Beh's house.
5. Four months of practice, headache and heart ache.
6. Several trip back from Seremban on weekdays and this last one from Perak.
7. Threats from Nursing Department when I request for leave on Friday.
8. Spenditure over RM500 including petrol, tol and gadgets.
9. Hoarseness of voice and sore throat for all the cheer.
10. A bruised and sore vetebra and sacrum.
11. Several trips back to Aunt Connie's to mend the uniforms.
12. Various misunderstnading and personal issues which affects the team in the end.

Let's see the Genesis of Taurus cheer:
1. One stupid girl too free, spent her last semester break to get a cheer team together.
2. Sven people came together - Fion, Beh, Wei Wen, Kwong Howe, Arthur, Jason and I.
3. One outfit issue misunderstnading over the phone, I lose Arthur. Esther didn't even join.
4. This girl spent sleepless night finding songs, designing outfit and choreographing routine.
5. Headache that after two months, only 11 people showed up although we need 15 to get in.
6. All M207 studs who knew me since sem 1 pulled out cuz they think I'll make a lousy captain.
7. After that, we began to force people to come in and make a number of twenty. Fine with me.
8. People come and go. Zach left but at least he was responsible enough to let me know his issue.
9. One flyer betrayed the whole team and left two weeks before the competition.
10. Thank God for Christine who is much more capable to replace her.
11. Loon Wei replaced Zach. They both learn fast.
12. Throughout four months, only four practices have full attendance for less than 6 hours.
13. In the end, a group of people with no cheer, gymnastic nor dance background came together.
14. Did we rock the stage? We earned equal compliments from the crowd but we could have done better, I guess. At least, I could.

When the results were out, millions of questions flood in. Could it been better if I don't lead? Could it been better if Esther take over? Imagine shit like Arthur, Zach, Ester and Wendy didn't leave the team. We will have a team of 24 - 4 cheerleaders, four flyers, and an extra base. As a conclusion, shit happens. The worst part is the less than 24hours notice that we need tumblings as the CHARM people wanna judge it. I felt that Taurus is constantly being bullied because of me. I'm no cheerleader, no great dancers nor a beauty queen. Just a nursing students who's constantly absent for postings. I can't be there to protect nor defend our rights. That's why I blamed myself despite all. Another worst thing is that despite all I've done, I can't earn the respect from some of my team mate. That's one shit too. Fail to incorporate dicipline in the team.

Nevertheless, put aside all the shit: I've got a handful of people who is committed and made the team much more cheerful. Grace has been very hardworking and made most of the props. Cady has been a responsible treasurer for the team and I have no worries about financial issues...erm...except maybe the input from the house. Fion and Jason lead well when I'm not around. I've got two other flyers who is ever willing to try out all shit xp - Kelly and Grace. I've got the most stable bases ever and hot too according to some reliable sources- Beh and Wei Wen. I've also got Kwong Howe and those mentioned who rarely skip any practice. It's always the same face which showed up. Lol...Ivana and her playful charm, Alex, Jones and Chiu Hong who managed the stunts. My tango parthner, Loon Wei who is sooooooooooooooo tall. Wai Peng who joined despite her crazy schedule. Tracy and Christine who danced well for the team.

Lastly but not least, I went home injured and wounded. Heartbroken and shattered but in the end, I still have Kin Man by my side. The fella who kena countless scolding from me. The guy who cared so much and take me from wherever I am for practices. The guy who had to sleep at... and pee at... . Love you all in different way. Hope you all have enjoyed the team and kep in touch with one another. This is the climb we went through and it's a period passed that cannot be repeated. Unless...Monday, 6pm sharp at 4th floor. Sharp attire!

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