Monday, August 24, 2009

Sex before marriage

I wrote about this before some time last year. Recently, I've heard another incident which prompted me to write again. Hey, I'm not being nosy. I'm just voicing out my opinion. Lady Gaga is right when she says, 'The story always begin with a boy and a girl and a *sex* and a *game*. Take note, it's only a game not relationship.

Sigh...where do I begin? Temptations are great when two young lovers get together. The lights were dim, soft background music, nobody else is around, some sweet talk and oops! One moment you're talking about the future and the next, 'Oh my God! What have I done?' You see, a guy can almost instantly feel guilty and regret after orgasm. He will feel so bad about himself for doing so and so. Thinking that he doesn not deserve her and that she deserves better. As a defence mechanism stated by Freud's Theory, he left the girl. There's an obvious misconception here. The guy thinks he's being noble by backing off (not wanting to hurt her again la et cetera) but it's plain irresponsible and selfish.

For those who opt for fun and play then I have nothing to say la except that sexually transmitted diseases are no fun and that condoms are not 100% safe. But to those who seek future and a healthy relationship, draw a line and have respect for one another. Besides, there are other ways of showing affections. It's worth the wait. Why cannot wait? Scare see the actual body dy regret terus!? So what does your relationship based on?
Hmm...I don't know why. I think once it starts, it just won't stop. That's when promiscuisity (did I get the spelling right? I lazy to check) starts. Unless of course it was a forced act. What do you think? I'm not saying all but many relationship ended after it starts. Well you may argue there are relationships which ends without sex. Yeah, so which sounds better? Break up without prio body involvement or after? I'm not asking the guys. Girls?
For the girls, don't be so trusting. Men (guys and gals) can speak wonders and promised miracles but sadly...sometimes words are just worlds. So let's all not be stupid ya. Girls, protect thy value and guys don't ruin your future and name.
Moral lessons:
1. Think twice. Guys and girls alike. Think more than twice.
2. Self-help.
3. Get away before things get out of hand.
Okay, sorry if this post is disturbing for some of you but this is an issue. Like it or not, you might be in the same dilemma one day. Okay, okay! I shaddap now.

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星影 said...

My first will be reserved for the last man I love, the man I love forever =)

You like 'Love story', right?
Another 'lam'(cantonese) from Taylor Swift, 'Teardrops on my guiter',
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