Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flashing Lights

In Your Shadow

You got your name in lights
But they can't seem to spell mine right
You sold a mil today
Today I'm lucky if I get paid
If I could get paid
I'd survive another day
Maybe if I could get played
They'd know my name
Your girls are fine it seems
A dime or two in every dozen
I only wanted one but I'm no one
So I get nothing
But all this nothing I've got
Is all that's keeping me tough
Maybe this thing I've got is enough

When I'm alone and the lights go off
I'm never sure if I can make it that far
All that I know isI want thoseI want those
I want those flashing lights...

You dropped the class re-wrote the booksand
I'm still trying to pass
I'm at the back, professor, a question
What is the secret to these (flashing lights)
Is it just make believe
It's not easy
Wish it as ABC
You did your time
You broke your wire
And now you got your shine
I'm in the line
Lost in the crowd
Still trying to figure it out
Still trying to do it right
Still trying to find the light
Maybe not tonight

Colin Munroe is a genius for writing these lines.

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