Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Marble Arch

Two weeks ago, I went to Marble Arch Boutique for some fashion shoots. Most of the pictures are already up in facebook. Just to share the experience, it was fun to be able to work in my comfort zone. The photographer and manager were sporting enough to trust the models and gave us liberty to dress up as we feel right. Hehe...the belts, accessories and other props were at our own dispose. XD

Figure 1.0 Dress.
Figure 1.1 A bit like Indiana Jones.

Figure 1.2 Sigh...can never understand leggings.

Figure 1.3 One of my favourite.

Figure 1.4 Boots can go with anything weh.

Lol...but just like any other shots, I do have some bummer moments. After reviewing the outcomes, yeah, I think I should smile more. Hehe...hopefully there's more to come!

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i m injured, come to heal me^^

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