Wednesday, May 25, 2011


RG Veda is one of the oldest anime I loved besides Ouke no Manshou. I used to meditate on the illustration book my cousin sister used to have. Saved up enough to buy myself one copy from Kinikuniya back in high school. Always wanted to cosplay Ashura, both kid and adult version. I thought of debuting her back in CF09. Guess it was a good thing I didn't as I wasn't prepared for it. My first and actual success in props making. Lolz.

For the shoot, I use two wigs for the adult Ashura. First time working with Hexlord, second with Kenneth and tak tau how many times with Anthony edy (kontrak tak luput). We were supposed to shoot in Bt. Caves but the flight of stairs....annihilated. So we just pick a spot nearby which does not involve climbing. Lolz. Here goes:

Thanks for the pics guys ;)
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