Sunday, May 22, 2011

XXXHolic Closure

Hmmm...haven't update for quite some time again =.=" Been busy with assignments and all. This is actually my first group shoot after the one we had in CF09. It's good to meet up with Marianne, Emily and Yukito again. This round, we expanded the XXXHolic family by including Marudashi (Tsukasa Shimotsuki), Morodashi (Evelyn) and Doumeki (Justin Ng). Unfortunately, Himawari  and Cat Girl couldn't join us last minute :(

This round is basically casual wear. Most of them is on default attire. For Yuuko...I have no idea what's default for her as her wardrobe can challenge JLo's. So anyway, due to time constrain as well, I sew this from her appearance in season 1 episode six or something. The one where she dragged Watanuki to eliminate the lap top of an internet addict. Hence the red bat.

Hmmm...I kind of notice how my cosplay quality has moved a little nearer to the drain. I guess it's too much for a start. Will do a bit more quality control in future. Lol...maybe. Just maybe...will do another version of XXXHolic again. Hehe...just can't get enough of Yuuko Ichihara.

Thankf for everything Anthony and KC. Sorry for being late and so unorganized as the group leader. Sigh...gomen ne!

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