Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hari Belia: Cosplay Competition

Yosh, Hari Belia took place in Putrajaya (covering vast area, not sure which location to name) on 27th to 29th of May. The cosplay competition took place on Sat and Sun. The stage was set up outdoor and thank God, I cosplayed as Ashura (windy xp). Hmmm...let's see. It began with a full weekends ahead with cosplay events. I've messed up the dates for Hari Belia and Hari Membaca which was a week a part. I ended up knowing I had to join a competition in 24hours time. Hence, I had to abandon my initial plan cuz costume tak siap!! Anyway, the toughest part was getting helper at such short notice. Cutting the story short, I got Sparda to help out on day 1 and Anthony Lee (yes, that photographer) on day 2. Lolz...less than 2 hours of practice. Luckily I've always had this spare Bleach-like yuktatta in my closet for Sparda to put on  for the first skit. Day two rushed to MV for cloth and hand-sewn two 'priest' robe. Orz...almost died. After two skits which was planned  within 10 minutes, I had to retire my Ashura sword as it had suffered much damage. All in all, it was a good competition. It has been awhile since I do my thing on stage. It felt...scary.

Just like any other event, I learnt something from each participation. Many thanks to Sparda who made time to help out and biggie thanks to Anthony for being so supportive and resourceful. T.T thank you guys... Though this competition, I get to hang out with some of the cosplayers that I seldom meet as well :) Arisa, Kumiko, Totodile-chan and Jared were there to chair the event whilst Ayase, Will Wee and Jaslyn were the judges. Ezli and Alan Chin were the photographers I recognize. Many more were these, couldn't name them all though ><  I admit, I'm bad with names! Hopefullt the links to the pics will let you guys know who were there: thanks Ezli!
Link to photo album: Ezli: Cosplay-Fun
Link to video: Day 1 RG Veda

Put that aside, there were many activities held for the youth in conjunction with Hari Belia: dance competition, singing competition, art display, photography competition, graffiti, makan, minum, yo yo competition. One complain though, the toilet was awful. Not only was it dirty, the users were irresponsible. It wasn't flushed, there were wet tissues all over the floor, there were menstrual blood stains. Worst of all, the don't have the courtesy to queue for the toilet, adult and young alike. Disappointed...this does not reflect too great of the golongan belia :( Yup, my only complain. No harassment by the public though. Thank God :) hopefully the public will embrace cosplay in a healthier way. Wanna see the cosplay community in Malaysia grow


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